Home Highlight If you’re planning a holiday visit to Kundasang, here are 7 must-see tourist attractions

If you’re planning a holiday visit to Kundasang, here are 7 must-see tourist attractions

by Grace Sundram

New Zealand is renowned for its spectacular rural scenery, sweeping mountains, and rugged coastline. Did you know that we have our own little New Zealand right here in Malaysia? It’s only a short flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kundasang — the cold land of Borneo.

For your holiday guide, we’ve curated a selection of fascinating locations in the Kundasang area. Make this list your guide to a more pleasurable holiday.

1850 Mesilau Mt. Retreat & Farm

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Herbaceous plants, flowers, and veggies in a strawberry garden. Strawberries may be picked and purchased. The ambience is lovely, calm, and refreshing. There is also a children’s playground, a swing, a water fountain, and a particularly constructed structure for taking photographs. You are welcome to stay at the house offered, but you must make a reservation in advance.

ATV Adventure Borneo

ATV tours of Kundasang are available with the established path allowing you to take in the stunning beauty of Kundasang, which is set against the background of Mount Kinabalu.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Surrounded by beautiful green hills, Kundasang has to be an identical replica of New Zealand’s outback. You can sample Desa Cattle Dairy Farm’s fresh dairy products such as milk, ice cream, and yoghurts. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to feed and milk the Friesian cows. This natural playground will undoubtedly transport you away from the city’s buzz.

D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden

Beautiful views, tame bunnies, and a relaxing environment in Malaysia’s tallest bunny park. This is a fun place for the entire family. You can pet the rabbit, feed it, or simply sit and watch it while relaxing in a pleasant environment.

B.E Wonderland

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Inside BE Wonderland, experience the many seasons and worlds. Winter, summer, autumn, a magical mirror, an ancient kampung home in Sabahan, and much more. There are several spots that are absolutely Instagram worthy as well. The kids will certainly enjoy getting up and personal in BE Wonderland. Some of the attractions in Sunrise Recreation Kundasang are included in this list too.

Sosodikon Hill Kundasang

A relaxing hiking location for families. Beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Culvert View

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This is an interesting location for you to take scenic photos. Stages such as ‘Stairway in the Sky’ and ‘Sky reflection’ cradle the scenery against Mount Kinabalu’s backdrop. This site is actually an inn, and it is also open for visitors to take pictures for a fee. You may also try some of their speciality beverages while you’re here.

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