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#BeautyHack: Washing your face with green tea water protects your skin cells from damage

by Grace Sundram

Pony, a well-known make-up artist with over 5 million YouTube subscribers is well-versed in the field of Korean beauty, and all over the world. Pony is more than simply a YouTuber; she is also a beauty guru, trendsetter, makeup artist, and the creator of her own cosmetics line.

Do you want to know how Pony maintains her perfect skin? Pony stated that she cleaned her face with green tea water after doing a face wash regimen.

Pony accomplishes this by dissolving green tea powder in a reservoir of water and then washing and rinsing her face with the green tea water.


Green tea, according to Pony, is one of the greatest natural nutrients for treating the face. It is beneficial to your health and, in particular, your skin since it contains antioxidants that prevent us from harming skin cells.

Green tea has numerous beneficial elements for the body, aids in weight loss, enhances the beauty, and even helps to avoid certain ailments.


Green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, which help to decrease wrinkles and other indications of ageing. Green tea has been shown in studies to help reduce damage from sunlight.

Green tea raises the body’s metabolic rate. As the body’s metabolism accelerates, it processes the fat deposited in the body more quickly and often. Green tea polyphenols help to boost fat oxidation/processing and the rate at which food is converted to calories.


When our bodies are under stress, we are more likely to become ill. As a result, consume this green tea with caution because it is also thought to ease tension and weariness. A hot cup of green tea will undoubtedly help you relax.

Green tea, in addition to decreasing fat, can also reduce sugar levels in the body if consumed on a regular basis. This beverage is good for diabetics.

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