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Two cases of Omicron variants have been detected at Changi Airport, Singapore

by Grace Sundram

Two visitors from Johannesburg tested positive for the newest strain of Covid-19, the Omicron, according to the Singapore Ministry of Health. The two people were taken to Changi Airport in Singapore for their flight to Sydney, Australia.

He said that the two visitors departed Johannesburg on a Singapore Airlines aircraft on November 27 and arrived at Changi on the same day for their transit trip.

Before they were permitted to depart, both persons had to test negative for Covid-19. They then travelled to Sydney, where they were found to be carriers of the variant.


Close contact detection is being conducted for airport personnel who may have come into contact with the case on a transitory basis.

While the majority of passengers on the Singapore Airlines aircraft from Johannesburg stayed in the transit area till takeoff in Sydney, seven were reported to have disembarked.

Six of them were isolated in a specialist facility area, while another was in close proximity to an infected passenger on a plane. The person has been placed under quarantine.


To avoid the Omicron variant, Singapore has already limited travel from South Africa and postponed the establishment of vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

This is due to the fact that the three nations serve as transit sites for visitors travelling from South Africa to Asia. Before the embargo was reinstated, the flight from Johannesburg had arrived.

Anyone planning to travel, please take precautions.

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