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This company will pay you RM848K to use your face on their Promobots

by Grace Sundram

Remember growing up watching Will Smith in I, Robot? Well, what do you think if these robots have your face plastered on them? It’s either cool or creepy but do you think you have a face for a robot?

If so, you may be an individual who is looking to be the face of a robot design that resembles a human in this firm.

Promobot is offering £ 150,000 (RM848,382) for good-looking and friendly individuals to use on their human-like robots.

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It is understood, individuals who agree will have to sign an agreement allowing their facial features to be used. The voice robot is expected to ‘work’ in hotels, shopping malls and airports by 2023.

“Robots with new faces will start their activities in 2023 and a special individual will be the face for all these robots,” the company said.


The company added that since 2019, they have been actively producing and supplying human-shaped robots to the market. It is understood that the robots produced by the company have been used in 43 countries and each has its own various jobs, including as a promoter.

This offer is open to any individual regardless of age or gender.

Imagine you go to the mall to the airport, then the robot’s face is all over your face!

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