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This ‘Lollipop’ COVID-19 antigen test kit is suitable for kids

by Grace Sundram

Many parents must be concerned about their children’s health now that school has started, right? Every week, if feasible and if I actually had kids, I definitely would want to conduct a Covid-19 self-test for my child too.


What’s more concerning is when our young children are exposed to dangers, but it’s difficult for them to conduct a self-test since they don’t want to spit or poke their noses.

Don’t worry if you have this issue; the saliva self-test is actually made in the shape of a ‘lollipop’! It’s ideal for youngsters who don’t spit or those who have a small amount of saliva in their mouths.


It’s simple to use; simply place the portion with the cotton in your mouth, make sure it’s horizontal, wait a few minutes till the cotton collects water, and then remove it; then read the findings after 10 minutes.


Many internet users are apparently unaware of the existence of the Covid-19 lollipop version of the self-test. This Lollipop self-test kit is available near pharmacies and online; it’s always a good idea to check your youngsters.

Picture by @eddscape


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