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Popular countries that have been listed as high risk to visit during this ongoing pandemic

by Grace Sundram

Typically, it is approaching the end of the year, and many people will opt to go on vacation. In addition to vacation spots within the country, some people have or will elect to vacation outside of the country.

Malaysians are now free to go outside the nation for employment or tourism, as declared by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on October 10.


It is thought that people who leave the nation must have a smear test and guarantee that the result is negative three days before returning to Malaysia, in addition to being subjected to a 14-day self-quarantine. If they become sick, they will be transported to a quarantine facility.

Although the Malaysian government allows it, there is some bad news for people who desire to go to Europe, since it has been revealed that infection cases are on the rise in the region.


The CDC recently classified two nations that are frequently in the news, notably Germany and Denmark, as high risk (Level-4), bringing the total number of countries listed in that category to 75. To see a list of those nations, go here.

Due to the rapid increase in instances of Covid-19 infection, travel advisories have been given to US nationals, as well as reminders to anyone who may be impacted to make sure they are completely vaccinated.


The following is a list of popular countries that have been listed as high risk (Level 4):

• Austria
• Belgium
• Costa Rica
• Czech Republic
• Netherlands
• Singapore
• Turkey


This news is likely to have disturbed many people since the pandemic situation, which appeared to be on the mend, has abruptly worsened, and several nations, including Malaysia, are said to be prepared to confront the fourth wave.

In any instance, if you have already purchased a ticket, it is preferable to postpone it first; if not, make sure to follow all of the local enforcement’s guidelines or SOPs.

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