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Samsung concludes #TeamUnstoppable campaign with 11 winners selected in Malaysia

by Grace Sundram

 Attracting over 1,500 entries in Malaysia, Samsung’s #TeamUnstoppable campaign celebrates the courage and creativity of millennials and Gen Zs

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd recently wrapped up #TeamUnstoppable, a regional brand campaign rallying the Gen Zs and millennials of Southeast Asia to push their boundaries and pursue their passions.


In line with the Samsung global CSR vision of ‘Enabling People’ and its mission of empowering future generations to achieve their full potential, the final phase of the campaign culminated in a digital-led movement, in which youths across the region joined #TeamUnstoppable by submitting their inspiring stories over various social media channels.

In Malaysia, over 1,500 individuals shared personal stories of how they overcame adversity in pursuit of their goals via Instagram and TikTok. The winners are unveiled today, selected for embodying the “do what others say you can’t” spirit of the campaign.

The Malaysian Grand Prize Winner’s Story

OvercomingSchizophrenia_Visual (1)

The grand prize winner, @66grimmjow, walked away with a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Flip3 worth RM3,999. In addition, 10 other individuals left their mark and took home the consolation prize, a UV sterilizer with wireless charger each. See appendix on their stories. 

Overcoming Schizophrenia

It’s not impossible to do the impossible. Here’s a short biography where I grew up from, and lived to tell the tale struggling with one of the worst mental disorders known to mankind today.

Overcoming Schizophrenia, is not a difficult thing. If I can, you can too…

#TeamUnstoppable shines the spotlight on the passion, energy and aspirations of an entire generation of youths who are driving positive change in their communities. The campaign serves as a platform for like-minded individuals to share their own stories while motivating others to take action. Entries can be found via the #TeamUnstoppableMY and #DoWhatYouCant hashtags on Instagram and TikTok.


The campaign kickstarted in September with the premiere of an original film showcasing five inspirational young individuals across the region who have defied all odds in pursuing their passions. Locally, the untold story of Imran Aqil and how he overcame his stutter and the negative comments from online haters to become a successful content creator, actor and social volunteer was featured across Samsung’s YouTube page and social media channels. His story on overcoming obstacles to becoming unstoppable, can be viewed in a local film here.

#TeamUnstoppable was created in the spirit of Samsung’s most important core value – developing people. As a company that stands for innovation, exploration and freedom, Samsung will continue to support the next generation in pioneering positive social change and building a better world for all. 

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