Home Food FIVE GUYS, a popular American restaurant in Genting, allows you to create your own delectable burgers and milkshakes

FIVE GUYS, a popular American restaurant in Genting, allows you to create your own delectable burgers and milkshakes

by Grace Sundram

Resorts World Genting at Genting Highlands welcomes the grand opening of FIVE GUYS on 25 October 2021. Experience the fun of creating your own burgers and milkshakes firsthand with us. Occupying a space of 2600 square feet, the vibrant diner at lifestyle mall Sky Avenue is located at a prime stretch and can accommodate up to 50 guests. The new store will also serve up a no pork & no lard experience to cater to a wider audience. 


FIVE GUYS has been a Washington D. C. area favourite since 1986 when Jerry and Janie Murrell offered sage advice to three of the Murrell brothers, “Start a business or go to college.” The Murrell brothers chose the business route and opened a carry-out burger joint in Arlington, Virginia. 


The little burger joint quickly developed a cult-like following. Customers voted the burger #1 in the D.C. metro area. Steadily, two more brothers joined the team and as the family grew, so did the business. In early 2003, Jerry and Janie, along with the “Five Guys”, began to offer franchise opportunities. Decades later, they have more than 1700 locations across the globe. 


By maintaining a simple ethos, coupled with the highest quality, the Murrells continue to follow through on the vision they outlined in 1986. What sets them apart from the rest? 

FIVE GUYS encourages their customers to take charge and create their own unique burger, hotdog or sandwich. With a range of 15 free toppings, customers can explore different combinations for their unique preferences. As such, there are approximately 250,000 combinations one can choose from. 


Similarly, FIVE GUYS milkshakes can also be concocted to one’s unique preference with its 8 free mix-ins including salted caramel, chocolate and malted milk. 


The traditional FIVE GUYS fries are also one that you need to try. Cooked in peanut oil and made boardwalk-style, firm on the outside with a creamy, mashed potato filling. Absolutely craveable. Alternatively, you can try them with spicy Cajun seasoning too for a li’l kick! 

Try a Classic Cheeseburger or All-beef Hot Dog 


We really recommend you get your hands on the classic cheeseburger. Although all toppings are free, and we’re all excited about that, we suggest sticking to a few so that you can taste the flavours of the burger. 

Can’t take the heat? Have grilled jalapenos. Tired of the same condiments? Try mixing all sauces in! Some combination highlights include The Bunless Burger Bowl or the Chicago dog with tomato, relish, pickles, hot sauce, mustard and green peppers. 

Fun Facts 


– The buns are freshly baked every day with a secret recipe and warmed on the grill to get the perfect toast. 

– The burger patties are all hand-formed, 100% beef with an 80/20 lean beef to fat ratio to keep them juicy! 

– Fries are all hand-cut and cooked in pure peanut oil.

– There are no timers or microwaves in their stores at all. 

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