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For barbecue night, get some high grade meat cuts from a local business, Just Sear

by Grace Sundram

There are days when we really want to eat steak, tomahawk, short ribs, and other cuts of meat. However, when you consider the cost of each one, it is rather costly. Meat lovers need not worry because we found a place where they offer premium meat cuts at an inexpensive cost.

Ever heard of Just Sear? Unlike other meat stores, this uprising local business is all about pre-cooked meals. Their main mission is to offer premium qualified pre-cooked steaks and meat-based products that are quick & easy to prepare and at an affordable price.


Most importantly, these cuts from Just Sear is simple and ready to cook without the assistance of a chef, including defrosting and roasting the meat.

Fun facts:


  • Just Sear purchases from importers and markets to clients straight on the internet.
  • There are no agents or resellers involved.
  • Just Sear works with importers and farm owners in Australia to purchase meat in bulk.
  • Meat is prepped in a straightforward manner so that clients can enjoy high-quality steaks similar to those found in a high-class restaurant.


Wellington, Just Sear’s newest offering, was introduced earlier this year. One of Just Sear’s partners, Saheran, was inspired by Gordon Ramsay.

“I’m a great admirer of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen show, and the main dish presented on the show is the Wellington dish. I was blown away by the response of those who tasted it, and I’m confident that this is a fantastic meal.”

Tender, succulent meats are slathered with mustard in Wellington meals. Then it was covered in duxelles (finely chopped mixture of mushrooms) and wrapped with meat and pastry pieces.


Aside from Wellington, you can also sample various classic Malaysian dishes made using Just Sear premium quality beef, including:

  • Rendang Wagyu
  • Popiah Wagyu
  • Sate Wagyu
  • Samosa Wagyu

To get premium meat products from Just Sear, you can visit the official website or Instagram.

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