Home Highlight Spread the love and feed the strays by just purchasing a bag of dog food from this popular brand

Spread the love and feed the strays by just purchasing a bag of dog food from this popular brand

by Grace Sundram

Every dog deserves a good meal, but many of these furry friends lack even this basic privilege. To help these doggies in need, the PEDIGREE® “Feed a friend. Fill the bowl” initiative is a way for dog owners and kind-hearted animal lovers to ensure these lovely dogs don’t go hungry. To get started, PEDIGREE® has pledged a donation of 100,000 meals to Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR), a not-for-profit organisation that is fully run by volunteers.


Best of all, anyone can contribute to “Feed a friend. Fill the bowl”, just by purchasing a bag of PEDIGREE® dog food 1.3kg and above! This way, every time you get a bag for your own furkid, you will help to feed another dog in need!

 “All dog lovers will tell you that dogs are the most amazing companions, with playfulness, energy and distinct personalities that enrich our lives,” said Wee Li Ying, Country Director, Mars Pet Nutrition Malaysia.  “However, many of them are in need of basic care, and the volunteers at Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) are dedicated to giving them a safe environment where they can be fed and cared for. This resonates with our purpose: A Better World For Pets. With our “Feed a friend. Fill the bowl” initiative, we hope to provide some much-needed support for them and we invite pet owners and animal lovers to join us in helping to feed these strays and rescued dogs.”


Here’s how you can help to “Feed a friend. Fill the bowl”:

Spread the news

Tell your fellow furdads and furmoms about the “Feed a friend. Fill the bowl” initiative by sharing about it on social media and using our hashtags [#FillTheBowl #FeedTheGood #ABetterWorldForPets]

Tell them to purchase any bag 1.3kg and above of PEDIGREE® dog food and you can be assured that you’ve helped to provide a meal for a hungry dog.

 Share the love

Be a proud pet owner and tell the whole world how amazing dogs can be, with your own personal stories about their little quirks, the funny antics they get up to, and how they put a smile on your face!

 Adopt, don’t shop!

Feed a Friend. Fill the bowl.

Many dogs remain in need of homes, with rescuers and shelters finding it hard to care for them. Visit the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) page on Facebook for how you can help by adopting. If you are unable to open your home to a new pet, you can support them with a donation or by being a volunteer. You can also share news of this campaign on social media to raise awareness about adoption and support for animal shelters.

Show your love for furkids everywhere and help to make #ABetterWorldForPets!

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