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BenQ announces ZOWIE XL-K generation monitor and ZOWIE EC3-C in 2021

by Grace Sundram

The development of the XL series has been steered by the focus of providing precise and customizable adjustments for players to perform to the best of their abilities in-game because, in the world of esports, players who take these sports seriously are the true stars. BenQ ZOWIE believes new technologies are not introduced unless they can enhance the in-game experience. Over time we have learned that each player has different visual and physical setup preferences. This is why every iteration of the XL series has been designed to help players see more clearly, and play more smoothly and comfortably.

Today we are pleased to announce the new XL-K generation model, the XL2746KThis new generation of XL monitors will further enhance a player’s comfort and convenience allowing them to focus on their in-game performance.


The new XL-K series comes with a smaller base. Players get more space for their keyboards and mouse, without scarifying any of the stability of the monitor stand. XL-K has a bigger adjustment angle than ever before, which made sure the players can perform with the monitor at their desired and comfortable viewing angles.

The new XL-K series also comes with the new OSD menu, which provides quick access to the player’s desired settings. The newly updated S-Switch now offers a 5-ways scroll wheel at the centre, which makes the OSD navigation much more intuitive.

XL2746K –as its name, it’s a successor of the legendary XL2746K. XL2746K is a 240Hz gaming monitor with 0.5ms grey to grey response time. It also comes with the DyAc+ technology, Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance…etc, all the popular features from BenQ ZOWIE.

ZOWIE XL-K series will be available at Official Store
Lazada & Shopee  -RM2,688
3 Years Warranty & On-Site pickup service 

ZOWIE announced today the EC3-C and a new C version mice lineup

Since the launch of the first EC to date, ZOWIE has always tasked itself to create equipment options for all personal preferences of competitive gamers, helping them perform at their best. As there is a wider range of FPS game titles these days with additional gameplay elements such as aggressive vertical movements or flicks, resulting in different mouse usage requirements, the new EC3-C is being introduced as an additional option to consider.

Along with the EC3-C, ZOWIE is also introducing a new C version mice lineup that features weight reduction, paracord cable, and a 24-step scroll wheel. The first available will be the EC series.

As the right shape and size is a subjective choice, there’s not a single design or feature that can fit all purposes, and sometimes new versions won’t necessarily be a better fit for you.  This video has all the information you need to know about the new EC3-C and the C version lineup.

ZOWIE EC3-C – RM299 
Lazada & Shopee

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