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For tea time, treat yourself to some fantastic, unusual, and delectable treats

by Grace Sundram

Dessert will, of course, be sought out during times of stress since its sweetness can help to alleviate tension. So here’s our pick for the month, which has an unusual flavour combination but is actually rather tasty.

Savoury Smoked Salmon & Dill Sandwich Cake 8 inch


This cake is popular in the Nordic nations and originated in Sweden (where it is known as Smorgastarta). This sandwich cake has four layers of multi-grain bread and three layers of savoury fillings: smoked salmon with dill cream cheese, mango salsa, and fluffed eggs. Perfect for birthday parties or any other get-together.


Papaya Almond Butter Tart 6 inch


Despite the fact that papaya is a commonly grown fruit in Malaysia, with a self-sufficiency rate of 150 percent, it is rarely used in pastries. This flower-shaped dessert is prepared from fresh papaya, which you probably didn’t realise! This pastry blends the texture of fresh papaya with the rich, nutty flavours of an almond butter pie, creating a delicious combination. The sweetness of the coconut marshmallow that surrounds the papaya is just right. This is a must-try due to the unique mix; don’t miss out!

Japanese Croissants Gift Set – Box of 6


Chizu gives ordinary croissants a fresh spin with unique croissants created with a variety of flavours ranging from sweet to savoury, as well as amusing and unusual croissant shapes.

This Japanese Croissants Gift Set consists of 6 delectable flavours:
– Garlic Cream Cheese Croissant
– Dark Chocolate Croissant
– Almond Croissant
– Oreo Croissant
– Japanese Cheese Croissant
– Golden Hazelnut Croissant

Mini Basket Korean Style Cake 4 inch


A cute Korean-style cake with soft cake sandwiched between layers of fresh cream. A happy birthday girl painting and colourful sugar pearls adorn the top. This cake comes packaged in a little basket box, making it the ideal small present for family or friends!

Shizuoka Hojicha Mille Crepe Cake 8 inch


Hojicha is a reddish-brown Japanese green tea that has been roasted over charcoal. Each thin crepe layer is topped with a whipped pure roasted green tea cream, giving the cake a rich Hojicha flavour. It has a mild, not too sweet flavour that is suitable for everyone.

Maison Artisan Cake 5.5 inch


Floral buttercream cake that is beautifully sculpted and delicately adorned. As a cake basis, it comes in two classic cake flavours to select from. Definitely a work of art to present to family and friends.

Savoury Nyonya Flavour Sandwich Cake 8 inch


Slices & Spices’ version on the Swedish sandwich cake with a Singaporean twist, including Nyonya flavours. This sandwich cake is made up of four layers of multi-grain bread and three layers of savoury fillings, including kapitan chicken curry, spicy nyonya dried shrimp sambal, and acar (pickled vegetables). The sandwich cake is dipped in Slices & Spices’ unique sauce, which is created from their own sambal. A delectable savoury cake suitable for any occasion.

Cookie Cake 7 inch


This is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Base with Vanilla Buttercream topped with M&M and Biscoff Drizzle. The appearance of your cookie cake may change based on the flavours and toppings you choose.

Indulge in this cookie cake with a variety of toppings and your choice of Cream Cheese Frosting or Vanilla Buttercream! A delectable treat for all cookie connoisseurs.

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