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Are lemons beneficial to our health? Here are a few reasons why you should up your lemon game

by Grace Sundram

Nowadays, many people use lemon water for health and beauty purposes even though it has a very sour taste. In order to gain ideal weight and also healthy skin, many people start drinking before taking breakfast.


Apparently, the practice of drinking lemon water can provide various benefits and nutrients to yourself. Although to this day there is still no specific study on its benefits, there is a lot of evidence that says lemon has many benefits to the public.

Lemon is a good vitamin C


Lemon is one of the fruits that have a lot of vitamin C. Not only that, but lemons also contain a variety of nutritional fibre such as vitamin A, calcium, beta-carotene, folate and even potassium. With the fibre content as written, the practice of lemon water can prevent you from suffering from dangerous diseases.

Get beautiful skin


Have you ever heard people say that if you want beautiful skin, take a lot of vitamin C? When we get vitamin C and the nutritious fibre, our body will receive collagen which helps to nourish the skin. This is because collagen can slow down the ageing period on the face such as reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin.

The body will stay hydrated


As we all know, drinking enough water will keep us hydrated and stay energized. Therefore, for people who are new to the practice of lemon water intake, it is recommended to drink warm lemon water every time you wake up in the morning. This will help the body to feel fresher and more energetic throughout the day.

 Can lose weight


Lemon water is very suitable for people who are on a diet because it has a low-calorie content of eight calories! Consumption of lemon water can reduce the urge to consume sweet water. The stomach will also quickly feel full even just by drinking lemon water.

Lemon can speed up digestion


Lemon water also has an acidic rate that can smooth out the digestive system. Usually, older people will have difficulty digesting food. With lemon water, the system for digesting food will be easier. Wow, it’s rare for a stomach to feel uncomfortable.

Reduce the risk of gallstones


If people who have ever had kidney stones are at high risk for recurrence, it is highly recommended to drink lemon water. Drinking lemon water can cleanse the kidneys and prevent dehydration.

Even so, don’t just use a slice of lemon because that’s the wrong way to go. Warm water is also needed to balance the sour taste of the lemon.

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