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These are the must visit islands you have to check out in Johor once inter-district travel is permitted

by Grace Sundram

Though we are familiar with islands like Tioman, Perhentian, and Pangkor, these are the overrated islands that most locals do visit. However, why don’t you travel down to an island that is relatively unknown and not as popular as the others, this time around?

Let’s have a look at five of these fascinating, beautiful islands in Johor, Malaysia’s southernmost state.

Pulau Sibu

Don’t forget that while there’s also the popular Sibu Island in Sabah, there’s also one located in Johor and is equally as beautiful as the islands of Borneo. Sunbathing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking, and a variety of other activities are all available nearby. It’s better to bring a group of buddies to enjoy the view and activities. 

Pulau Tinggi

pulau tinggi

People in Johor don’t have to drive all the way to Terengganu to see turtles since Pulau Tinggi is a turtle hatchery. You may also do jungle hiking and ascend to the top of the waterfall. The best part is that if you stay overnight, you can take a boat excursion through the mangrove jungle to view fireflies.

Pulau Besar

It is more popularly known as Pulau Babi Besar or more simply called Pulau Babi only. It sounds a bit odd, but there is a legendary story that relates how the island’s origins can get such a name. Legend says that there was a couple who were fishermen living here. The pregnant wife wanted to eat seaweed. However, after eating the weed, the wife turned into a mermaid. Because his wife was too angry to change her appearance, the husband vented his anger by cursing the island’s hamun by calling him ‘pig’ repeatedly. Hence, the name ‘Babi Island’.

There are several resorts on the island for tourists. Its beautiful beach with white sand is an attraction for those who like to do scuba activities. From April to September, the island usually receives a high number of tourists because of the sunny weather season and not the rainy season.

Pulau Harimau

pulau harimau - libur

The environment of the island is still clean and well maintained and what is visible at the top of the island is a lighthouse tower equipped with a lighting system, as its position is indeed strategic to help sailors, helmsmen or merchant ships to sail safely.

Pulau Harimau is uninhabited and the terrain of the island seems like the ones you’d see from abroad. According to locals, the island is believed to be a shelter for pirates.

Pulau Tengah

Batu-Batu Private Island Resort, the island’s only luxury resort, provides a variety of villas. It’s ideal for those of you who got married during the MCO period but haven’t yet had the chance to go on your honeymoon.

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