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You have to add these vibrant collection that screams sustainability and support to your closet

by Grace Sundram

Jazz singer, actress, and yoga teacher Atilia Haron the Hippie Hub founder has launched another vibrant collection by collaborating with social enterprise Batik Boutique, an artisan-centered boutique to release a collection of yoga mats and batik accessories.

Atilia Batik Yoga Mat-Aquamarine


The abstract design across the entire collection signifies ‘beautiful warrior’ was inspired by Atilia’s late pet – a regal Betta Splenden fish; though they are small but can fight and work through an incredibly difficult situation. Always seen with a huge smile on her face and as Atilia reminds us, “be happy and kind.” She hopes the print will inspire others to refocus, start fresh, and invite a sense of peace, to those that don the collection.

Atilia Batik Kimono-Aquamarine 


Atilia x Batik Boutique introduces a new colourway to the collection-Aquamarine, signifying tranquility, energy, serenity, clarity, and harmony. Similarly to her last collection with Batik Boutique, this new colourway also includes a face mask, headband, and a stunning hand-painted kimono which can add a pop of color and be a stylish addition to a basic outfit.



The collection also includes a DIY batik painting kit, which allows a person to learn and create their own Betta fish batik print at home. Batik Boutique has a guide on how you can use your batik kit therapeutically.  

The Atilia x Batik Boutique collaboration is not just another yoga collection – every item purchased from this collection directly impacts the artisans involved. Each product tells a story: hand-painted by Malaysian batik artisans and sewn by women from marginalised communities in Malaysia. A meaningful story behind Malaysian handmade pieces that will last you a lifetime. Shop the collection online and in-store at Batik Boutique


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