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BLACKPINK Lisa’s music video, ‘LALISA,’ features Thai elements

by Grace Sundram

BLINKS has been looking forward to Lisa’s BLACKPINK solo debut for a long time. Lisa debuted her first music video, ‘LALISA,’ recently and has got everyone screaming and dancing for joy.

In the music video, Lisa was seen wearing a modern interpretation of a traditional Thai outfit as a tribute to her hometown designed by ASAVA.


ASAVA has uploaded an early sketch of the outfit and it featured a shiny long train, crop top and wrapped mini skirt.

Popat “Moo” Asavaprapha, ASAVA’s designer and creative director, said that the outfit was custom-made for “LALISA” out of traditional Thai brocade gold silk.


“Lisa has a lot of respect for her origins. Not only with the rap in ‘LALISA’ but this traditional outfit is meant to be known by the public. ”

The gold, Swarovski-laced outfit, which comprises a sabai or breast shawl and a zin or sarong wrap, is a bespoke, hand-embroidered piece by Thai designer Asava. A gold mongkut headpiece completes the royal ensemble.


It’s beautifully woven with antique Lamphun designs from northern Thailand’s Lamphun province.

Lisa says she wants her fans to feel the vibe of her home country, Thailand. Thai music influences, not just the clothes and accessories, but also the instrumentals.

She said she asked Teddy, one of the head producers for YG, that she wanted to add some Thailand-style beats and that fans should be excited about her music video.

With 73.6 million views in the first 24 hours, the accompanying music video for the title track of the same name is currently the most viewed reel on Youtube by a solo artist—and for good reason. As of today, the video has garnered over 161 million views.

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