Home Entertainment The limited-edition Monopoly x dUCk collection lets you chase your goals with a stylish lift

The limited-edition Monopoly x dUCk collection lets you chase your goals with a stylish lift

by Grace Sundram

The dUCk Group is proud to be the first local Malaysian brand to release a limited-edition MONOPOLY board game created in partnership with Hasbro. The MONOPOLY x dUCk collection features a limited-edition scarf, shopping bag, keychain and most excitingly, a MONOPOLY x dUCk board game – a classic game that is enjoyed by more than one billion players across the globe.


“Thinking about this collaboration gives me the butterflies. With the MONOPOLY x dUCk board game, dUCk becomes the first Malaysian brand and the first modest fashion brand in the world to partner with Hasbro on its MONOPOLY series. This is not just a nod to diversity, but meaningful representation for the hijabi community, and a topic dear to my heart. MONOPOLY is one of the classic games almost everyone grew up playing and we are excited to share this edition with the world. We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to instil the values we cherish at dUCk into gameplay. Combining the endless discovery of travelling, chasing ambitions, and most importantly, cherishing the warmth of our family and friends. I hope the MONOPOLY x dUCk collection inspires you to follow your dreams!” shared Vivy Yusof, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of The dUCk Group.


“We are excited to offer MONOPOLY fans yet another interesting way to engage with and experience the brand. The premium MONOPOLY x dUCk collection of scarves and fashion accessories celebrates the spirit of the iconic game and can be enjoyed by fans of all ages,” said Bhavesh Somaya, General Manager – South Asia, Hasbro.


The classic board game reimagined, the MONOPOLY x dUCk board game lets players experience life through the lens of D. Players kickstart and GO on an adventure through the game as students, land their first jobs, explore the world through travel, and live their best lives with family and friends. The game comes wrapped in premium packaging and includes six (6) bespoke dUCk tokens of D’s favourite things: a coffee cup, a camera, a travelling jet, a dUCk lipstick, a dUCk shopping bag and lastly, a cute little duck. Building on the sought-after dUCk experience, players get to collect signature dUCk boxes and turn them into dUCk towers in place of the usual houses and hotels.


The MONOPOLY x dUCk collection was designed to help dUCkies keep the excitement alive by celebrating big and small wins alike as they continue to chart their own life goals and milestones, sharing the journey with their friends and family along the way. Last Saturday, dUCk surprised their friends and customers with the limited-edition MONOPOLY x dUCk board game as a sneak peek at the collection and excitement poured on social media as they unboxed and experienced the game for the very first time.


In the words of MR. MONOPOLY, “Own it all!” You can get your hands on the limited-edition MONOPOLY x dUCk collection at www.getducked.com and the FashionValet app now.

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