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The popular Jonker Street chicken rice balls are now available in Selangor

by Grace Sundram

Melaka is famed for its delicious local cuisine, and many people like taking a gastronome road trip there over the holidays. If you’ve ever visited Melaka, you’ll know that one of the city’s most famous dishes is none other than their unique chicken rice balls, which elevate the popular Hainanese chicken rice to new heights.


It’s simply taking your favourite aromatic chicken rice and moulding it into beautiful tiny golf ball proportions. Of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without the tender, juicy chicken flesh and spicy chilli sauce. While you may believe the chicken rice balls are a marketing ploy due to their amusing shape, it is still something different that is worth taking a trip for.

For the unfamiliar, Johor and Singapore even have their own chicken rice balls, though they are significantly much larger than the ones in Melaka.


With that said, our favourite chicken rice ball from Jonker Street has found its way to Selangor. Some may find this to be a relief, especially now that we are stranded at home with nowhere to go.

There’s no word yet on whether they’ve opened a new branch here, but given that there’s just a delivery option, we may assume they’re doing business from their homes.


Residents in Kota Kemuning, Puchong, Sunway, Bukit Tinggi-Klang, and Botanic-Klang are in for a treat because these are their primary delivery areas. The meals will be available for lunch delivery from Friday to Sunday (12.30 am – 2 pm), and you can verify your delivery rates by sending them a quick message on their Facebook page.

In terms of the dishes that are offered, there are three sets for you to choose from for lunch.


The first set (A) costs RM 28.80 and comes with 15 chicken rice balls as well as 1/4 steamed chicken. Set B, on the other hand, costs RM45.80 and includes 30 pieces of chicken rice balls and half a steamed chicken. Keep in mind, however, that Set A and B are limited to a total of 10 sets each day.

Last but not least, people who live alone or with a group of friends can choose Set C, which costs RM 9.80. The set is only suitable for a single individual and requires a minimum order of three packets or more.

Lunch delivery will be offered from September 15 to 30, and you may place your orders up to 10 pm, the day before your delivery date. You can only pay by online transfer or Touch & Go at this time.

So if you’re planning to place your orders, you can contact KT Cheang via WhatsApp here.

Are you excited as we are? We have already placed our orders!

Pictures by Jonker Chicken Rice

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