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Former beauty queen sparks controversy again, refusing not to wear face mask in public

by Grace Sundram

Whenever we hear stories about anti-vaxxers and people not caring about their loved ones in terms of protecting them from the virus, it certainly gets on our nerves. And when someone ‘famous’ tries to go against science because they believe they know better, folks get outraged.

As you may be aware, former beauty queen Samantha Katie James, who is known for making controversial remarks, most notably concerning the Black Lives Matter issue last year, has done it again, generating headlines for all the wrong reasons. Not only has she been stripped of her title, but numerous brands with whom she was affiliated have also revoked any contracts she had with them, effective immediately.

We may believe that a year later, she should have learned her lesson. We were obviously mistaken.


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Recently, Samantha posted a photo on Instagram with a caption stating how she would never wear a diaper on her face unless it’s to disguise herself from “annoying people”.

In the caption, she also stated how proud and what a turn on it was when she witnessed someone walking past her, took off his mask and crunch it in his hand.

Given that most Phase 1 states are now permitted to dine in and enjoy some of the social activities that have been opened to boost the nation’s economy, some people, like her, have the audacity to question science while not caring about the people around them.


Most restaurants, shopping malls, and other establishments have stringent SOPs that must be followed in order for customers to enter. One of them is that you must always wear your mask, or “face diaper,” as she calls it and that only those who have finished both doses of their vaccines are allowed in.

This reminds us of a recent headline-making story in which a couple conducted a “social experiment” to see if restaurants care enough if their customers are fully vaccinated. Not only were they being totally inconsiderate of their children and everyone else, but they were also amused and claimed that they would only support businesses “who need to earn” regardless of whether the individual was vaccinated or not.

So, be smart people. Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinions however if it does affect the people around you especially when it comes to serious matters such as health, then it’s best you keep things like this to yourself and stay at home.

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