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JPJ is offering a summons discount of up to 70 percent from now till September 16

by Grace Sundram

In celebration of the 64th Malaysia Independence Day, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is providing a summons payment reduction of up to 70% on all compound summonses from now through September 16.

The offer, however, does not apply to cases that are still pending in court, including those with an arrest warrant or a trial date.


According to a press release issued by JPJ, all summons notices issued under the Road Transport Act of 1987 will have their summons fees reduced (Act 333).

It also applies to summons notices issued under the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board Act (Act 334), as well as the Rules and Orders promulgated thereunder, including cases that are currently pending on the Blacklist.

The reduction on the summons notice is based on the current compound rate available in the mySIKAP JPJ system.


This offer is also given to all summonses that are still active and the compound period is still in effect provided that payment is made within the specified period, which is until September 16.

Payment for summons notices can be made at any State JPJ office, branch or UTC, kiosk, or online via the JPJ mySIKAP portal (https://public.jpj.gov.my/).

For blacklisted traffic offenders, offenders are required to re-appear at the JPJ office (branch or state), for the purpose of the re-documentation process, before payment can be made.

The offer to reduce the summons notice was given primarily to alleviate the burden on the people, in keeping with the economic crisis that affected all areas of life in the country in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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