Home Highlight Paskal actor, Hairul Azreen makes his directorial debut with his new film — Ada Hantu

Paskal actor, Hairul Azreen makes his directorial debut with his new film — Ada Hantu

by Grace Sundram

Nothing screams horror than watching a local film with a haunting mystery. To those who enjoy horror films and are waiting for a good local horror film can tune in to Disney+ Hotstar and catch Ada Hantu that was first premiered last Friday.

The film is filled with eerie thrills as it follows Aliff (Zahiril Adzim), a budding content creator and sceptic of all things supernatural, who challenges his friends to spend a night in an old, abandoned house rumoured to have once been owned by a Japanese general who brutally tortured and murdered everyone around him – to prove that ghosts don’t exist.


As the night progresses and Aliff loses sight of his companions, he learns that the home is not what he expected.

Ada Hantu stars Shiqin Kamal as Bariah, Hairul Azreen as Talha, Elvina Chua as Sasha, and Nafiez Zaidi as Jimmy.

Hairul Azreen’s debut film as a director, Ada Hantu, comes with its own set of obstacles, as he explains.


“Directing a movie is a big responsibility and one that isn’t easy to take on. Regardless, I was excited to work on Ada Hantu and was grateful to have been given the chance.”

“When he (Hairul) directs or has comments to make, he’s mindful about the directions that he gives and as actors, that was very encouraging for us,” said Shiqin Kamal.


Hairul Azreen was also extremely clear about what he desired, according to the other cast members. He knew what his actors were capable of, which made for a comfortable filming experience.

On top of that, Hairul expressed gratitude to producer Adrian Teh for believing in him and providing him with the opportunity to direct.


Ada Hantu is currently available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, as part of the platform’s multi-year collaborations with prominent Malaysian studios, including Act 2 Pictures, to promote the local film community.


Viewers can enjoy the film along with other global and Malaysian titles on Disney+ Hotstar by subscribing to the service directly at DisneyPlusHotstar.my or via the Disney+ Hotstar app on Android and iOS devices, for RM54.90 for three months.


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