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For the first time in 8 years, Changi is no longer the best airport in the world

by Grace Sundram

Airports are arguably the least functioning place in the world now that the pandemic has hit the world and has changed the ‘experience’ of travellers in utilising an airport.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, airports across the world have implemented drastic measures in an effort to restore the traveller’s trust when it comes to the services offered. All these include improved cleaning orderliness, sanitation, social distancing as well as travellers’ safety measures.


As in previous years, Skytrax will conduct customer satisfaction surveys on all airports as well as provide various awards to airports that meet strict standards.


Like every year, Skytrax is known to conduct a survey on all airports to find out what are the best airports out there. And without fail, Changi International Airport in Singapore won the award and conquered its position for 8 consecutive years ever since 2013.


However, the airport has lost its position despite linking over 200 destinations and having almost 5000 arrivals and departures every week. This year, Changi International Airport has reportedly dropped to the third position, after Doha’s Hamad International Airport and Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport.


The 2021 World Airport Awards, according to Skytrax, also honour the airport’s efforts in facing the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following is a list of the ‘top 10’ in the Best Airport Awards in the world:


  1. Hamad International Airport
  2. Tokyo Haneda Airport
  3. Singapore Changi Airport
  4. Incheon International Airport
  5. Narita International Airport
  6. Munich Airport
  7. Zurich Airport
  8. London Heathrow Airport
  9. Kansai International Airport
  10. Hong Kong International Airport

Malaysians are probably wondering where does KLIA fit in this list and it is ranked 55th in the list of 100 Best Airports which is a pretty good step-up from last year’s 63rd position.

Pictures by Ozkan Bilgin & Shutterstock

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