Home Food Coffee and ice cream lovers may get the best of both worlds by escaping the heat with these limited edition coffee-coconut desserts

Coffee and ice cream lovers may get the best of both worlds by escaping the heat with these limited edition coffee-coconut desserts

by Grace Sundram

Do you need something to beat this heat during this sunny weather? Well then, we have the perfect answer to your solution. Shout out to all coffee and ice cream lovers because this new collaboration is made just for you. To celebrate this all-year “summer” season in Malaysia, your favourite coffee brand and artisanal ice cream parlour have partnered up together to come up with their very own variety of exquisite dessert and ice cream flavours.

This collection of Nespresso-infused creations using the Limited Edition Coconut Flavour over Ice is something you would keep craving for.


The coconut flavour of the Brazilian special edition coffee pairs wonderfully with the roasted, caramelly notes of the Latin American Arabica base espresso. With a touch of vanilla, this iced pleasure is a delightful treat, especially during this summer.


On top of this, Nespresso showcases gula melaka-infused coffee and affogato to tantalise tastebuds and introduce various ways to pair gourmet coffee and dessert.

That said, Crème De La Crème also has created new flavours for Malaysians to experience something unique while beating the heat and staying refreshed.



Coffee De Coco: Nespresso coffee ice-cream (single shot) swirled with fresh coconut sorbet and topped with coconut oat crumble

Coffee Crunch: Nespresso coffee ice-cream (double shot) with coconut oat crumble

Petite Gâteau and Coffee


Tropical Profusion: Coconut sorbet mascarpone ice-cream, Nespresso coconut ice cream, orange rosemary sorbet, coffee crumble with almond jaconde soaked in coffee, sable and milk chocolate dip

Cuppa Love: Consists of mascarpone ice cream, Nespresso Coconut ice cream, orange rosemary sorbet, coffee crumble, almond jocund soaked in coffee, roasted marshmallow and milk chocolate dip


Nespresso Capsule: Made of Nespresso Coconut ice cream, mango passion sorbet, coffee crumble, white chocolate dip

Coco Colada: Nespresso coffee extraction served with coconut sorbet, gula Melaka chunks

Coco Affogato: Nespresso extraction served with mascarpone ice cream and coconut oat crumble

Purchase Availability


From now to 31 August 2021, the Nespresso x Crème De La Crème creations will be available for take-away or dine-in (once it is allowed) at the Crème De La Crème flagship outlet in Damansara Uptown and Mont Kiara. Customers living in Klang Valley can also place their order via crème De La Creme hotline (+60 17 394 0735), or its food delivery service platforms, GrabFood, Food Panda or Beepit at https://cdlc.beepit.com and enjoy the creations at the comfort of their own homes.

Registered Nespresso Club Members will be entitled to a 10% discount for the purchase of any Nespresso and Crème De La Crème creations, by simply mentioning the promo code to Crème De La Crème staff member at the store: NespressoSummer.

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