Home Beauty Review: Hada Labo Kouji Collection — the secret to flawless skin

Review: Hada Labo Kouji Collection — the secret to flawless skin

by Grace Sundram

As we get older, our skin is subjected to a variety of aggressors, including UV radiation, unpredictable weather, hormonal changes, food, stress, and even our way of life.

The presence of a good daily skincare regime that combats premature ageing, such as the new Hada Labo Kouji collection, assists the skin in fighting against external factors that may injure skin while also giving hydration and recuperation to ensure that skin remains fresh, moisturised, and clean.


Hada Labo Kouji’s fascinating journey begins with traditional Japanese sake brewing. The sake brewers’ hands, despite their age, remain smooth and youthful, and so the development of the secret ingredient known as “Kouji” began.

Design 4/5

The whole Kouji collection is packaged in a very simple manner, with a translucent bottle design that emphasises the collection’s core ingredient, Kouji.

Touch & Smell 4/5


The majority of the products range from ultra-fine thick foam to lightweight and creamy cream. So it has a balance depending on whatever items you use on a regular basis.

Application 4/5


The Hada Labo Kouji collection includes the Kouji Treatment Cleansing Foam, the Kouji Treatment Cream, the Kouji Treatment Night Cream, and the star product, the Kouji Treatment Essence. This ultra-hydrating essence should be used twice daily, after washing and before applying cream, to keep skin moisturised throughout the day.

Before going to bed, use the essence to stimulate skin cell renewal.

Benefits 4/5


Hada Labo Kouji Cleansing Foam Treatment produces a thick, ultra-fine foam for thorough cleansing whilst the Hada Labo Kouji Essence Treatment is light and fluid, allowing the essence to penetrate deeply into every layer of skin.


There’s also the Hada Labo Kouji Treatment Cream (Day) features a very lightweight, smooth cream texture that claims to deeply moisturise and nurture the skin. Finally, the Hada Labo Kouji Treatment Night Cream has a rich, velvety cream texture that nourishes and infuses skin with continuous, intense, mask-like moisture while providing deep and long-lasting hydration.

Hada Labo Kouji collection is suitable for all skin types and is free of fragrances, colourants and mineral oils.

Value 4/5


Each product individually ranges from RM50 to RM135 which can be found at any major pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.


With a not-so-heavy price tag, we’d reckon Hada Labo Kouji collection for you to check out if you’re about to start on any anti-ageing skincare regime.

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