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If you want to be Welson Sim’s girlfriend, you might need to have these traits

by Grace Sundram

Malaysian Flying Prince, Welson Sim has made headlines and has been trending all over social media especially on China’s social media platform, Weibo. After melting every girl’s heart, all of you single ladies should know that he is actually single and waiting to find the right one.

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In an interview, he shared about his relationship status and what kind of girl he actually is looking for.

Let’s get to it.

Durian lover like him


This trait definitely shows how Malaysian is he. Welson enjoys the King of Fruits and he would like his future girlfriend to enjoy it too. It would make him uncomfortable if his partner doesn’t enjoy the fruit as much as he does.

Eye candy


Being attracted to someone who is pleasing to the eye is a no doubter as most of us are also the same. His girlfriend has to have a good sense of appearance which will be appealing to him.

Chubby is a plus point


Regardless you’re an eye candy or not, Welson Sim digs women with curves. Well, hearing that has already made him a little more attractive than he already is because not all men are into curves.

Enjoys meat


The Malaysian Flying Prince enjoys eating meat just like how he enjoys eating durian. As a national athlete, he needs the protein plus he is a huge foodie so finding a partner who has a similar taste in food is important as well.

That said, age doesn’t matter as long as she has these four main traits. He also did mention that he’s girlfriend doesn’t necessarily needs to be an athlete like him too.

So what do you think? Do you fit the criteria? Are you ready?

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