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You can now change your vaccination location on MySejahtera, here’s how

by Grace Sundram

As everyone knows, everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated to curb Covid-19 infection.

For now, the government has provided various types of vaccine stocks to ensure that everyone is vaccinated for the safety of the rakyat.

If you’ve already got the vaccine date in the MySejahtera app, it’s a good thing. But if you got a location that is a little too far from your vicinity, here’s how you can change your vaccine appointment location on the MySejahtera app:


1. Confirm the appointment first

You will need to click confirm appointment first, before doing anything. If you have ever done so, choose to click here to cancel your appointment.

2. Choose the reason the location of the vaccination centre is too far away

For the second step, you have to choose a health facility that is allocated too far as the reason for cancellation.

3. Place the address details


Next, you need to enter and submit new details for the state and zip code you are currently residing in.

4. Address updated

After entering new details, the new address will be processed and updated to reschedule your vaccination appointment.

5. Wait within 30 days


Upon completion of the update, new appointment details will be sent to you within 30 days. The turn will not be affected if you cancel.

Hope this helps those who have received an appointment that is quite far away.

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