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Hong Kong influencer slipped to her death during her waterfall hiking trip

by Grace Sundram

On the 10th of July, the 32-year-old hiking enthusiast was on a waterfall trekking excursion in Tsing Dai Stream when she died after losing her balance while posing for a photo.

She was claimed to have been trekking with several friends on the day of the incident when she slipped and injured her head before falling into the 5m-deep pool.

One of her friends jumped into the water to save her and quickly contacted for help from the emergency services.

Cheung was proclaimed dead when police and firemen got to the site. A government chopper transported her remains to the Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan.

Thousands of netizens have rushed to Cheung’s Instagram account as of that time to express their condolences when the news broke out.

Cheung had 6,000 Instagram followers, according to an article written on July 13 by The Sun. Her following has risen to 23,900 as of today, July 16th.

She had 97 photos on her Instagram of her posing at renowned Hong Kong picturesque sites such as Sunset Peak, Tai To Yan, Castle Peak, Mok Min Cave, and Lantau Peak.

“Life should be fun, not dumb,” reads her bio on Instagram.

Her most recent Instagram post shows her lounging on a beach on a bodyboard, with the message, “Better days are coming. They are called: Saturday and Sunday.”

On the 14th of July, a coworker — with whom Cheung was last seen on her profile — wrote an emotional farewell message for her hiking companion.

After a few days of mourning, the friend stated that she returned to the workplace for work and was disappointed not to see Cheung there.

So guys, just a reminder — if you are planning to take really amazing photos for IG, we reckon you to put your safety first. Your life is not worth the photo.

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