Home Highlight SoCal duo releases their second single, “I Don’t Care”

SoCal duo releases their second single, “I Don’t Care”

by Grace Sundram

From the sunny land of dream-pop comes “I Don’t Care” – the second single from SoCal duo WalkJog, out July 21st. Married couple Keith and Emily Fernandez float their vocals over a very dance-y beat and energetic synth melodies.


The song is a testament to being true to one’s heart no matter how much resistance occurs… An anthem for people who must battle sceptics while following their desires. The songs’ inspiration comes from a personal place, depicting the duo’s worries.


“We were in this spot where we were learning that we need to trust ourselves and not let the negativity of others or our own takeover,” Emily says, an operatically-trained singer with a mom who was a popular vocal artist “Abby” in the 80s. “We just need to follow our goal and vision, and not care what all the other voices are saying.”


The duo recorded the track at The Music Box Studios with producer Jon O’Brien and session drummer Levi Matullis (The Shakes). Their main priority was to boost moods and motivate people into doing what they love.

“Think about strutting down the street with a confident step and shrugging everything off, having an inner vision and confidence that’s going to lead to the results that you want,” Keith says.

Any time you’re resisting something, that’s what causes a problem. If you have negativity in your head, acknowledge it, but let it fall off of you. It’s about reversing that process. Meditating on the positives. We decided to take the next step because we believe in ourselves and have come to a spot where it’s like a flower, opening and blossoming.”

WalkJog’s debut EP “Soft Intentions” is out on August 18th.

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