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M’sian claims to have been injected with an empty syringe, Selangor State Health Ministry responds

by Grace Sundram

The Selangor State Health Ministry responded to Simon Ng’s viral video in which he claimed to have been injected with an empty syringe containing no Covid-19 vaccine. According to them, it is nearly impossible, and they provided six reasons for this in their statement.


But before that, let’s backtrack to when he first posted the video on a Facebook group.

Simon’s vaccination appointment was held at Banting Hospital where he supposed to get the Pfizer vaccine. After passing through all of the stations, it was finally his turn to enter the cubicle and get his jab. However, he saw that there were several syringes on the table, all of which were already full.


When the MO was ready to inject him, he was ordered to look away for the duration of the procedure. Nevertheless, managing to record a video of the whole process with his phone.

Despite the fact that the injection was painless and quick, he could feel something was amiss. Looking back over the video after exiting the cubicle, he noticed there was no liquid in the syringe that was used to inject him.


He immediately raced back and showed the footage to the MOs, who remained silent.

Eventually, the MOs decided to give him another injection as long as he did not film the process and delete the previous video footage. He agreed by deleting the other videos but kept that particular video.


Simon stated that he could detect the difference right after his second shot as it certainly felt different in comparison to the first jab he got. Which then, he proceeded to the police station to file a report.

Since his posting went viral, the Selangor State Health Department had responded in a statement, saying that injecting someone with an empty syringe is quite impossible.

And here’s why:


  1. The vaccinators involved are trained and ethical, in addition to being officially employed by the state health department.
  2. At each station, at least two personnel are involved in the vaccination process.
  3. One serves as the vaccinator, while the other observes when the vaccine is administered.
  4. The person preparing the vaccination will use a syringe to extract a certain dose of vaccine from a bottle, then pass it to the vaccinator. This individual also ensures that there are no empty syringes in the vaccinator cart.
  5. The vaccinator is responsible for recording the type of vaccination to be given based on the marking made during patient registration prior to the injection.
  6. The syringe will be disposed away in a sharp bin after the injection.


That being said, whether the allegation made is true or false, we as citizens must conduct our own due diligence and remember to ask the medical officer to show you the syringe ahead of time, along with the right quantity of dose, to avoid any future complications.

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