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Neighbourhood café Food Foundry aims to provide a more seamless experience for customers

by Grace Sundram

In 2006, the beloved neighbourhood café at Happy Mansion called Food Foundry brought mille crepes to Klang Valley. We 15 years on, the team are unparalleled specialists of this cake, with customers visiting from all corners of Malaysia for a slice, or more, of these handmade confections of fresh eggs, cream and house-made custard with no preservatives or additives.


The emphasis on sourcing ingredients locally wherever possible maintains the integrity of nutrition and taste at the best value to our customers. Here, customers enjoy a complete meal with the promise of cake to top the experience, anytime, any day.


To step to the next level, the cafe has curated an e-commerce marketplace that offers honest-to-god, comfort foods that you can commune over. The main mission is to deliver their menu of desserts and dishes that Klang Valley residents have come to know and love.

Foodfoundry.co was founded to elevate and emphasise the many ways in which simple food is done well is a luxury enshrined in our collective DNA. For Malaysians, no road trip is too long as long as the perfect, steaming bowl of noodles awaits. We don’t just have a food culture. Food is our culture.


“Anyone growing up in Asian families knows that being served with an over-piled plate or the best parts of the chicken at dinner were ways in which our parents displayed love and affection. These acts of love are more tangible than words could ever impart and are why food can summon such strong emotions of joy, togetherness and even longing for all of us,” says Founder and CEO Jenifer Kuah.


From now until 31st July 2021, customers will get to enjoy 10% of their first order of any whole cakes when they use the code FOODFOUNDRY10 at checkout. All cakes are 9” and feed 8 to 12. Delivery is at a flat rate of RM15 to addresses in the Klang Valley.

Now you can enjoy food from the decade-long Petaling Jaya institution — which introduced mille crepes to the Klang Valley — delivered to your doorstep. The website currently has its delectable whole cakes on offer and will soon introduce — pastries, pies, restaurant-quality ready dishes and family meal kits before the end of the year.


Food Foundry’s mille crepes have always stood the test of time, and had people from all over the country coming back for more — right from when they first introduced them to today. They continue their tradition of signature crepes infused pastry cream with flavours ranging from the classics like Vanilla and Chocolate to more decadent like Earl Grey Lavender and Almond Salted Caramel.

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