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Viu Original series ‘Black’ is back with another season

by Grace Sundram

Viu, PCCW’s leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service, is set to bring back its supernatural hit original series Black. The adaptation of the renowned CJ ENM Korean fantasy-thriller of the same name premieres its second season today, exclusively on Viu. With 45 million monthly active users* and with operations across Asia, the Middle East and South Africa, Viu has released nine Malaysian productions under the Viu Original banner.


This year the service features a number of returning Malaysian series, with Black Season 2 being the first set for release. The new 10-episode season will see the return of Kamal Adli, Siti Saleha, Nabila Huda, Zoey Rahman, and the rest of the impressive ensemble from Season 1.

The first season of the Viu Original series Black premiered in December 2019. Kamal Adli plays Black, a supernatural law enforcer who comes to earth in search of his rogue partner, and meets Sofia (played by Siti Saleha), a gifted but troubled young lady who has the power to foresee death.


The pair team up only to uncover a series of mysteries connected to their loved ones and their own shared past. The highly entertaining 8-episode programme garnered 2 local wins for Viu at the Asian Academy Creative Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Visual FX, and ended on a shocking cliffhanger that left audiences eagerly anticipating the series’ return.


In the new season, as Black’s hunt for his fugitive partner intensifies, his investigations lead back to a number of unsolved murder cases, including – most shockingly – his own. Horrifying secrets are unearthed with deadly repercussions. Spurred on by the spunky and compassionate Sofia, a once arrogant and self-serving Black finds himself fighting injustice and saving lives by her side.

Rediscovering a more human side to himself, Black will ultimately be brought to confront the truth that, against the laws of his people and his own very nature, he may just have done the impossible – and fallen in love.


The highly anticipated second season of Black is directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar and Sein Qudsi. Ghaz is the visionary filmmaker behind award-winning feature films such as Hantu Kapcai (2012) and the hugely successful first instalment of the Polis Evo franchise (2015). The series is produced by Independent Pictures, helmed by veteran producer Zurina Ramli.

The first episode of Black Season 2 is now available on Viu, with two new episodes to be released every week on Thursdays. Viu-ers can watch the thrilling series on the Viu app, which is available for free download on App Store, Google Play, and selected smart TVs, as well as on the web at www.viu.com.

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