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One of a kind shoppertainment event featuring world’s first feline supergroup, The Atome Kittens

by Grace Sundram

As part of its latest shoppertainment effort, Atome, a buy now pay later retailer, has developed a new singing group called the Atome Kittens. The Atome Kittens, however, are not just any regular female group; they are a litter of kittens. Atome Kittens are made up of Zesty Kitty, Savvy Kitty, and Sassy Kitty, and are based on the renowned British female trio Atomic Kittens from the 1990s.


The group’s debut is accompanied by a new single titled “Let’s Get It, Get It,” which seeks to raise awareness for the Atome Get It Week, which will take place in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong from June 11 to 20.


But Atome’s Get It Week is not just about great deals – it’s much, much more than that. The feline supergroup will be leading a very special TikTok #AtomeKittens challenge, and launch their own #GetItToWin game on Instagram with exciting prizes up for grabs. They’ll also be hosting their own social media talk show with daily deals as well as our own line of stickers, filters and collector’s items.

Don’t forget to check them out and how their different personalities personify the brand values of Atome: Aspirations, Access, Advice.

For example, Zesty is the passionate self-improver (Aspirations), while Savvy loves to share hacks and tips on smart shopping (Advice). As for Sassy, she’s the trendsetter with access to the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle (Access).


We’re very excited to launch the very first edition of Atome Get It Week. We hope Gen Z and millennial shoppers come to love our adorable #AtomeKittens and their different personalities. Beyond the amazing deals with participating brands, we hope they “get” our campaign and enjoy learning more about Atome online, on social media and on our mobile app through a uniquely fun and creative shoppertainment event. — David Chen, Chief Executive Officer Atome


Atome Talk Show with KOLs

Date/Time:12 June 2021, 8PM (MYT)

#ATOMEKITTENS “Get It To Win” Instagram Challenge

Date: 28 May to 27 June 2021

Look out for them (hashtag #AtomeKittens!) online, stay home safe and join in the fun.

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