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What’s New: Tone My Lip is Mentholatum’s all-new colour correcting lip balm

by Grace Sundram

With the current pandemic, we are always wearing a mask for an extended period of time to keep ourselves protected. But without applying any lip balm or not drinking enough water, your lips might tend to become drier and chapped than usual. That said, we would like to introduce Mentholatum’s new lip balm range —  Tone My Lip. This colour correcting lip balm features moisturising skincare elements that will provide your lips with the moisture that it needs with a more natural shine.


Design 4/5

Tone My Lip lip balms are packaged in white slim tubes, with each variant featuring a distinct colour: pink, green, red, and yellow. The packaging reminds us of how simple and minimalistic it is, plus its super sleek design is travel-friendly allowing you to carry it in your bag wherever you go.

Touch & Smell 4/5

The triple-action lip balm wraps your lips with a light-textured oil with one swipe and ’cause of its sheer wrapping composition, it doesn’t just colour correct but will give your lips a fluffy three-dimensional effect.

Application 4/5

Though it’s best to apply the lip balm two to three times per day to make sure that its effects last until the end of the day. But apart from that, if you are looking for a puckered and luscious lip, then you should check this one out.

Some of the hydrating skincare ingredients include Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid as well as nourishing vitamins A, C and E. Feel absolutely nice on the lips and it will certainly make sure to keep your lips moisturised all day.


Tone My Lip is not like other lip balms that focus merely on moisturising. It comes in four different variants which are specifically designed to tackle different lip problems. On top of that, it is perfect for those who aren’t fans of coloured lipsticks since after applying it to your lips, it would highlight your natural lip colour even more.

Benefits 4/5

Blossom Pink (for Pale & Dull lips)


It works to brighten pale and dull lips by deeply moisturising and colour correcting lips with a natural colour to make your lips look healthy with a natural glow.

Bright Up Red (for Dark & Dull lips)

Unlike the former, Bright Up Red helps brighten dark and dull lips whilst the rest of the properties remain the same.

Yellow Pink (for uneven lip)

As for this variant, it balances and evens out lip colour. When used consistently over time, it will help turn lips slightly pink to even out the colour of your lips.

Green Clear (for lips with too much redness)

Green Clear works to neutralise lip redness colour and also contains Pure Pearl Nuance to neutralise redness and bring out the natural beauty of lips by imparting a pearly shine.


Value 4/5

The fragrance-free Tone My Lip lip balm by Mentholatum costs RM19.90 and is available at all major pharmacies and hypermarkets.


If you have any of these lip issues and need a way to solve them, you can now opt to try these fragrance-free lip balms.

Pictures by yuki0890 & beautiventures

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