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FMCO: The full list for this next round of total lockdown

by Grace Sundram

Only those businesses on this list are considered essential and are permitted to function during the duration of this Full Movement Control Order, which begins from June 1 to June 14. The news was shared during the press conference by Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri and Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham.


The announcement of the lockdown was decided by the government which is believed to help in the recent surge of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. This appears to be a difficult step to take but for the welfare of all Malaysians, it is imperative that everyone contributes to help fight against this pandemic.

1. All economic and social activities are temporarily restricted. The following are some of the ‘essential services’ economies that are allowed to operate:

  • Food and drinks (including animals)
  • Health and medical care (including vets and clinics)
  • Security and safety
  • Solid waste management
  • Transportation (land, water and air)


2. Agriculture, farming and fishing activities are allowed to operate.

3. Meanwhile, shopping malls will not be allowed to operate, with the exception of outlets and shops providing necessities, such as food and groceries.

4. Restaurants, stalls, roadside hawkers are allowed for takeaway and delivery only.

5. Laundromats are allowed to operate.


6. Eyeglass or optical shops are allowed.

7. Hardware store.

8. E-commerce and information technology.


9. Daily market (6 am to 2 pm).

10. Kindergartens and nurseries are not allowed except for frontliners, and working parents.

11. Allowed sports and recreational activities are limited to jogging and exercise only.


12. Only 2 people per car can go out of the house for essentials within a 10km radius.

13. Hotels and accommodation are allowed to operate only for quarantine purposes.

14. Long-distance couples are not allowed to travel, just like the first phase ‘lockdown’ period.


15. Subsectors of manufacturing are not allowed, with the exception of aerospace (for components and maintenance, repair and overhaul), F&B, packaging and printing (related to the F&B or medical sector), cleaning products, as well as health and medicine (limited to 60% of employee capacity).

17. All work travel letters issued by MITI are effective until 31 May only. From June 1, work and cross-district permission letters will be issued by the relevant ministries only.

All of these business activities apply from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. nationwide.

Stay safe and Kita Jaga Kita, okay guys?

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