Home Food #SapotLokal: Neybrfood delivers freshly prepared, home cooked meals from home chefs and small bakers straight to your doorstep

#SapotLokal: Neybrfood delivers freshly prepared, home cooked meals from home chefs and small bakers straight to your doorstep

by Grace Sundram

With small home-based food businesses flourishing during the pandemic, Neybrfood – a platform for food artisans to market and sell their products online – is gathering them all in one place, making it easy for consumers to enjoy hearty homemade meals from a selection of various foodpreneurs; from crunchy premium cookies, to decadent cakes and deliciously warm and tasty meals that feels like home. It also aims to alleviate the pain points commonly encountered by these aspiring foodpreneurs, such as order management, marketing, and food delivery.


Placing a strong emphasis on the phrase “Quality of life”, Neybrfood wants their home chefs to have flexibility in terms of timing while also prioritising the quality of their cooking. Their name is actually a play on the word “neighbours”, which alludes to their mission of empowering home chefs from all walks of life, not just professional chefs but also home bakers, home-entrepreneurs, micro-sellers and small food businesses.


Aiming to solve this problem, Donovan got together with co-founders Aaron Wong and Allen Han Hao to produce a solution which subsequently led to the official launch of Neybrfood on 19th November 2020.

Neybrfood now is home to over 39 different home chefs, including niche food products, where consumers get to choose from traditional kuih-muih, Western, Korean and Japanese dishes, to cakes, condiments, drinks and desserts, as well as keto, vegan and vegetarian food.


With a wide range of goods and sellers to choose from on the website and some even catering to large party orders, consumers get to enjoy high-quality, special homemade food for all occasions. While delivery is fulfilled by Neybrfood’s delivery partners, Muslim consumers or those with a special diet restrictions do not need to worry as all orders are delivered from Muslim homes.

Support local home chefs


Aiming to help home chefs sell their home-cooked meals in a systematic and organised manner, Neybrfood currently operates through their website and runs on a pre-order basis as an effort to cater to the vendors’ hectic schedule by providing specific time slots so that they are able to fully focus on producing quality home-cooked meals to all consumers. Consumers however do not need to worry as delivery can be arranged as soon as within 24 hours, once they pick an available slot.

With this vision in place, Neybrfood aims to provide an avenue for local sellers like the above to be able to earn an income from home as well as build their reputation as quality home-cooked chefs and businesses.

Side hustle: Food photography


Besides taking charge of the order and delivery management, Neybrfood also provides food photography and marketing services such as brand logo designs, menu designs and more with an aim to aid vendors in gaining additional exposure for their brand online. There are also no sign-up fees or listing fees, and Neybrfood only takes a small commission once a sale is made.

Neybrfood aims to help business owners do what they do best – perfecting their craft.

How to place an order


Step 1: Customers can browse by location or meals in the header bar at the top of Neybrfood’s webpage

Step 2: Select your desired meal and place your order by selecting: quantity, date & time

Step 3: Once confirmed, the pre-order meals will be delivered to you on your chosen day.

Delivery is currently fulfilled by courier services such as Lalamove and Mr Speedy.

So place your orders today!

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