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LMP: Rock band, Margasatwa has released a music video for ‘Yang Asli’

by Grace Sundram

Levi’s® Music Project’s grant winner, rock band, Margasatwa has finally released the much-anticipated music video for their latest single, Yang Asli. The track was recorded and released under the sponsorship of the brand in November and was officially released in December 2020. They enlisted the creative services of Den House Productions, which has worked with some of the most prolific Malaysian artists including Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Dayang Nurfaizah, and rapper extraordinaire, Luqman Podolski. Margasatwa’s video perfectly reflects on their outgoing personality and passion for fashion – it’s playful and full of satire.

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 4.19.13 PM

The music video was scheduled to be released earlier in the year, but the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) that was implemented in January prevented any form of productions from taking place. Despite the setback, Margasatwa’s music video for Yang Asli has successfully completed. “It was a bit frustrating not knowing when we would be able to start the production of the music video. But, when we finally heard that we would be able to do it, we immediately jumped into work mode and we are so ecstatic that it has finally been released,” says Margasatwa’s frontman, Kimal.

Not only does the band’s latest music video represent Levi’s® Music Project’s first official production, but it also signifies the completion of the programme’s first phase, which includes the submission and selection of the four finalists, a month-long mentorship course, the virtual music showcase, and now, the release of Margasatwa’s music video.


The second phase of Levi’s® Music Project is slated to begin on 29 May and it encompasses a more detailed mentorship session with the programme’s mentors, Jennifer Thompson and Old Head Jin at the helm. They will be joined by Malaysia’s most treasured jazz queen, Datuk Sheila Majid as one of the guest mentors. “I’m very supportive of our youth and it is refreshing to see that all four finalists represent different music styles,” she says. “It is an honour and pleasure to be able to share my knowledge of the music scene that they can hopefully use to further enhance their careers,” she continues.

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