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Love is in the air: We bet you’d be all ‘lovey dovey’ after watching this romance-filled shows

by Grace Sundram

Definitely in the mood for romance!

 All kinds of romances are in the forecast for June. From realistic romance to university-age young love and even scandalous love affairs, there’s a variety of romance for everyone to enjoy. Whether you feel like watching a movie, a sitcom, or something dramatic, you’ll definitely be entertained by the June K-show lineup. Check out what’s coming soon below!

Sweet & Sour — 4 June


Sweet & Sour is a movie that centres on a young couple facing various challenges as they switch gears to a long-distance relationship. Jang Hyeok (Jang Ki-yong) and Jung Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin)’s love is tested when a new job opportunity arises for Jang Hyeok. The distance takes a toll on their relationship and he faces temptation when his new colleague Han Bo-yeong (Jung Soo-jung) starts showing interest in him. In a complicated love triangle, the three people experience the sweet and sour facets of love.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) S2 — 12 June


The second season of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) will be back with more scandals and drama than before! Three colleagues working on a radio show are each dealing with husbands who are having affairs. While their ages and circumstances are different, it’s clear that their marriages will never be the same. New revelations and secret ties will provide tantalising entertainment as we see the characters deal with the aftermath. Definitely check it out if you enjoy high drama.

Hospital Playlist S2 — 17 June


If you prefer a more down-to-earth drama, the second season of Hospital Playlist is sure to satisfy. The fun series follows a group of five doctors who have been friends for 20 years. You can expect a lot of funny and heartwarming stories as we see what goes on in their lives inside and outside of the hospital they work at. There’s also a bit of romance for each of the friends, and it’ll be exciting to see how each of their relationships has progressed since the first season.

So Not Worth It — 18 June


If you prefer your romance in bite-sized pieces to savour and enjoy, then So Not Worth It will be the perfect watch. The sitcom focuses on the lives of students living in an international dormitory at a university. You can learn a little about what university life looks like in Korea and enjoy the amusing hijinks. The students navigate becoming an adult, youthful love, and friendship. With a cast full of rising actors, K-pop stars, and more, So Not Worth It will be a fun and breezy watch.

Nevertheless — 20 June


Based on a popular webtoon, Nevertheless shows a modern-day romance between university students Na-bi (Han So-hee) and Jae-eon (Song Kang). They’ve been hurt in the past which makes them wary of love, but there’s something that draws the pair to each other. Na-bi doesn’t trust love but does want to date. On the other hand, Jae-eon finds dating bothersome but enjoys flirting. They have their differences when it comes to love, nevertheless, will they be able to become open to love with each other?

Which shows are you most excited for? Stay tuned for all of these romance-filled shows, only on Netflix!

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