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WSL: Pamper yourself like never before with Yuzu & Ryoku-cha-infused shower oil

by Grace Sundram

With the Malaysian government imposing supposedly stricter guidelines for the Movement Control Order (MCO) to combat the spread of Covid-19 pandemic transmission, Vase Creation is launching their nostalgic vacation scent, Midnight Shikoku Shower Oil to help people cope with staying home and embrace the delightful act of showering; it’s as if love at first sniff.


It’s been more than a year since anyone is able to resume the wanderlust thirst hence, Vase Creation infused the aromatic scent of Yuzu & Ryoku-cha in their Midnight Shikoku which teleports every shower session to the summer land of the rising sun. However, do not overlook the nourishing benefits of Midnight Shikoku that leaves the skin unbelievably soft and supple to pair with the scent of citrusy Yuzu and the Ryoku-cha tea scent that stays for hours, a real deal-sealer. “I can’t imagine a single skin type that would not be able to enjoy this product so, welcome to a club you’ll stay,” quote Wendy Lean, founder of Vase Creation.


People are realising the importance of body care, every inch of skin on your body and not only your face as, but this little bit of beauty luxury in your bath routine also goes a long way.

The Midnight Shikoku is a luxurious elixir synthesis of Yuzu and Ryoku-cha with Moisture Binding Technology from PENTAVIN®, imported from Switzerland with ethically sourced natural origin ingredients that are packaged in a 330ml bottle. It eliminates general dirt and grime nourish the skin and replenish moisture. Suitable for anyone above three years old and all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin.


There is an early-bird promo that comes with a free Vase Creation Exfoliating Eco-Friendly Spa-Like Loofah Pad Scrubber, locally made natural loofah that promotes micro-circulation and revitalizes dull and flaky skin for a bright, glowing, and radiant complexion. Early-bird promo is valid until 8 June 2021 exclusively on Shopee Mall & Vasestudio.com.

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