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#HowTo: A beginner’s guide to contouring

by Grace Sundram

A secret that everyone must know about contouring is that 1. It has been used for decades and known to add structure back into your face or body and 2. no, it wasn’t developed by The Kardashians!


You can call contouring a magic trick since it is able to enhance your features depending on what kind of illusions you are actually going for. Because there are different ways to do it, some people may choose for a more natural soft contour while others will go all out. When it comes to contouring, though, there is no right or wrong answer.

So first things first, if you’re someone who is new to makeup, contouring might seem a little easy at first until you have done it. Well, I certainly took a while to get a hang of it. However, with these three steps, we guarantee you’ll be contouring like a pro in no time.

Step 1

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After you’ve finished applying your base — toner, moisturizer, primer, and foundation — choose the concealer shade that matches your skin tone the best and mark the areas you want to hide. It works like magic as it can hide any blemishes, redness, or dark circles on your face. Simply apply it to your face and mix it with your ring finger, a beauty blender, or a brush.

Step 2

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Select a deeper shade than your skin tone (but still matching your undertone) and apply it on your cheekbones, temple, jawline, and down the side of your nose to enhance dimension. When contouring your cheekbones, always remember to start at an angle from your ears and work your way down to your lips to raise your facial features.

Step 3

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The final tip is to emphasize your natural features by highlighting your face. Apply a two-shade lighter concealer or highlighter beneath the eyes, on the top and beneath your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, and under your chin. This will work to provide the illusion that your face is more lifted.

And there you have it, practice makes perfect and soon you’ll be contouring like a boss.

Source from Rev Beauty & pictures by Times of India, Variety & KKW

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