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What do you consider as your life’s necessities?

by Grace Sundram

Many Malaysians have recently been forced to re-evaluate what they deem to be life’s necessities. Sure, good health is vital – even the most important of life’s necessities. Then there are the simple needs, such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, clothes, and a stable roof over our heads. Your favourite mamak restaurant or kopitiam might also be considered as an essential by others.

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However, the term “essentials” definitely encompasses a wider spectrum of requirements. For example, as children and teenagers, our parents supported us with healthy food, clothing, and a safe place to live. Our life’s priorities were much simpler than – do well in school, play sports and perhaps get the attention of our ‘crush’ in high school. For most of us, our homes were also our source of safe

As we get older, our responsibilities and goals change. By the time we do enter adulthood, things start to get a bit more complicated. Some would say that juggling matters at work and catering to the interests of our own families and loved ones at home, all while maintaining our own need to remain physically fit to retain our own sanity, is a “wishful” situation that is next to impossible.

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Going back to one of our most basic needs – clean water – Coway, the market leader in well-being household appliances has recently introduced the essential and affordable NEO PLUS water purifier. This new water purifier is proof that high-quality household appliances can be gentle on your pocket.

That being said, Coway’s NEO PLUS water purifier certainly packs a variety of features that even the most discerning of households will appreciate. Designed specifically for modern, busy households, the NEO PLUS allows quick dispensation of pure water in three types of temperatures – ambient, hot and cold. The water purifier has a user-friendly design for easy use. Just adjust the knob to choose the temperature of your choice and push the lever to retrieve clean water. It’s really that simple.

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This is so essential whether you are a mother rushing to make milk for your crying baby (while a Zoom meeting is going on), a bachelor getting that ice-cold glass of thirst-quenching water after a tiring workout or a couple making dinner together, and need clean water quickly and conveniently to cook. These solutions can all be obtained from the same source – the NEO PLUS. The Eco Mode power-saving feature also means you are doing your part to save money on your electricity bill and the environment.

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What everyone will truly appreciate about the Coway NEO PLUS water purifier which comes with a 5.8-litre tank capacity, is its affordability. With a promotional price of only RM65 per month – that is a relatively small price to pay for an uninterrupted supply of clean water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What’s more, the seven years of free service – once in 2 months’ regular service – provides additional peace of mind at no added cost. Professional Coway service personnel will help sanitise the water purifier components such as the water tank, faucets, and change filters.

That’s certainly one of the best deals Malaysians can find – true affordability catering to varied lifestyles without compromising on quality. Now, that’s truly a life essential everyone can own thanks to Coway’s innovative technology.

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Hence you can see, even for Life’s Essentials; science and technology have come a long way to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Organisations like Coway at the forefront of research and development continue to develop numerous breakthroughs to improve our lives in leaps and bounds and in numerous ways. As the Life-Care Company, Coway is regarded as the company that truly cares to make this world a better place by changing the lives of its consumers for the better, in affordable and essential ways.

So, isn’t it about time you start rethinking what’s truly essential in your life? While we cannot live on just sunshine and air, let’s pause for a moment to appreciate life’s essentials and Change Our Life for the better.

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