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Hari Raya 2021: 6 of these sweet treats look so pretty you won’t want to eat

by Grace Sundram

Hari Raya is just a few days away so we were just wondering — have you bought your sweet treats yet? If you haven’t, then we reckon you to go for something different this year instead of the same traditional ones that we are all so familiar with. Up your kuih raya game ’cause in this compilation list, everything is Instagram-worthy.



When this passionate baker decided to share pictures of her delectable creations on social media, she had no idea it would become this popular. Keem Ooi is the self-taught baker behind these stunning masterpieces, and when she’s not baking, she can be found giving piano and vocal lessons. It all began when she made a Batik Roll cake for her Muslim friends for Raya, and when people saw how intricate are the batik design on the cake, it just made everyone wanting a piece for themselves as well.

Those who are interested can place their orders soon but do keep in mind that, for each batch, Keem does 6 cakes per day because of the complexity of each cake. Do check her out HERE.

Real Sweet Treats

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Real Sweet Treats has created these tarts with a combination of traditional flavours and modern techniques, especially for Ramadan. With the Jivara Cheese Tart, Raspberry Frangipan Tart, Teh Tarik Gula Melaka Tart, and Pandan Coconut Tart, the inventive minds behind these treats have definitely selected elements that complement each other beautifully while experimenting on new flavours that are more localised such as the Teh Tarik and Pandan.

The Biscakery 

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One way to enjoy all of your favourite treats in one is by placing your orders for these popular biscakes. Without a doubt, it will surely satisfy your cravings. As they come in three different sizes, the price ranges from RM12 to RM42 for each, according to which flavours you choose.

For the original, there’s the Oreo and Blueberry whereas there’s the Nutella under the premium flavours for now.

Fun fact: These biscakes are actually vegetarian-friendly.

Crème De La Crème 

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To sweeten your Hari Raya, the OG artisanal ice cream parlour that specialises in Petits Gâteaux has introduced an array of lickalicious kuihs in collaboration with entertainment online streaming platform iQiyi. As they call it the ‘Swe-eid Kuihs’, CDLC promises to take you on an adventure after trying out their take of these traditional kuihs. 

The classic Onde-Onde simply gives you that explosion of gula melaka in your mouth whilst the Kuih Bangkit has a more fragrant and fruity combination of rose ice cream and lychee sorbet with white chocolate. As for the Kuih Puteri Ayu, it gives out a more refreshing composition of organic pandan kaya ice cream, young coconut ice cream and lemongrass sorbet.

This next treat is the Kuih Kosui which is a delicious delight of Japanese purple sweet potato ice cream complemented with charred coconut ice cream, gula melaka coconut jam and desiccated coconut. Lastly, the Kuih Talam is a blissful marriage of sweet corn ice cream, fresh coconut ice cream and fragrantly roasted peanuts.


Donut Plan

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Let your family seize the day with some impeccable brioche doughnuts. These fluffy treats will fulfil everybody’s childhood dream and it is certainly perfect for Hari Raya. It comes with six different flavours — Vanilla Glaze, Lotus Biscoff, The Homer (Raspberry Lychee), Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs, Brown Butter Marmite and Houjicha Biscoff which will make you go for seconds.

Price ranges from RM5.50 to RM7 for each doughnut and the minimum order would be 4 pieces. Do make sure to place your order at least a day in advance.

Amily’s Chocolate


Spoil your loved ones with a box of delicious handmade chocolate bonbons. These home-crafted treats are an absolute delight and would certainly put a huge smile on anyone’s face, for sure. Under the guidance of Splash Cupcakes, the brand promises to capture every essence of its original recipe.

Price ranges from RM14 to RM54 between 6 pieces to 24.

Pictures by respected brands

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