Home Entertainment Learn new recipes from celebrity chefs this Ramadan on “Dapur Kawkaw Selebriti”

Learn new recipes from celebrity chefs this Ramadan on “Dapur Kawkaw Selebriti”

by Grace Sundram

Those observing Ramadan this year will find delicious recipes for breaking of fast and pre-dawn meals easy to come by when they follow “Dapur KawKaw Selebriti,”  promising 90 recipes shared by 3 top Malaysian celebrity chefs over 30 days live on its Facebook page.


Beginning from the 1st day of Ramadan, 13th April till 12th May 2021, Malaysians can click onto its Facebook page live broadcast daily from 12:30 till 1:30 pm.


Each day’s episode, produced in TV broadcast-standard quality, features one of the 3 celebrity chefs, Chef Nik Michael, Chef Fikree and Chef Naem. To liven up the kitchen with their humour are comedian Imuda, Mat Dan, Rhys William and Cik B.

Apart from learning how to make quick, delicious, and professional-looking meals using food products from Kawan and Kanika, the main sponsors of “Dapur KawKaw Selebriti,” viewers have the opportunity to win exclusive prize giveaways as well.


Kawan Food Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading exporter and largest manufacturer of frozen Asian food delicacies worldwide, providing consumers with authentic, safe and highest quality products at affordable price.

Expect only top quality from Kanika products, the choice of restaurants, hotels, and chefs, filling millions of plates around South East Asia. Kanika’s priority has been on providing top quality products for this culinary experience.


During each live broadcast, viewers can also participate in the exciting “Teka KawKaw” contest by guessing the weight of a given item and typing the answer right away in the Facebook comments. The participant with the closest guess in the fastest time will win an exclusive “Martin Yan’s Signature Knife” valued at RM178.


Chef Martin Yan himself makes a special online appearance from the United States while recording artiste and beauty queen Dr. Soo Wincci, also a former participant of Celebrity Masterchef Malaysia, calls in from Spain.


Chef Nik Michael shot to fame when he participated in the first Masterchef Malaysia in 2011. He went on to host TV programmes like “Hello Bro, Tolong Masak.”

Chef Fikree, a TV programme host, actor and celebrity chef has hosted several TV shows including “Dapur Panas,” “Aroma Tradisional” and “Hello Bro.”

Chef Naem was the winner of another reality TV competition called “Hero Oven.” He has hosted several TV programmes as well, including “Dapur Panas” and “Dapur Ramadan.”

Imuda, one of Malaysia’s most loved comedy actors, is best known for his roles in popular sitcoms, “2 + 1” and “Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu.”

Mat Dan, a Westerner fluent in the Terengganu dialect has attracted various opportunities as a TV host.

British-born Rhys William, made his name hosting TV show “Mat Salleh Cari Makan.” His fluent Malay, as well as his spontaneous expressions, made him a household name.

Cik B, daughter of cosmetics entrepreneur, Dato’ Seri Vida, carved a name for herself on social media with exciting videos on her Instagram.

Chef Martin Yan is known for, “Yan Can Cook, So Can You!” which made him a chef extraordinaire and one of the most recognized TV hosts in the world. “Yan Can Cook” Show has grown to become one of the most popular cooking programmes in the world.

Follow “Dapur KawKaw Selebriti” now for great Ramadan recipes and the chance to win exclusive prize giveaways.

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