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Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand is featured in Snapchat’s new Fashion AR lenses

by Grace Sundram

Today, Snapchat and Virgil Abloh’s an apparel & accessories brand, Off-White launch an augmented reality Lens experience to kick off a series of collaborations in 2021.

Snapchat and Virgil worked together to create this Lens that will allow Snapchatters to virtually try on a selection of three iconic Off-White AR face masks — and drawing inspiration from the physical SS21 collection, Snapchatters can also purchase the mask IRL on Off–White.com.

The AR Lens was developed as an engaging and creative way to encourage Snapchatters to continue wearing protective face coverings, and ultimately protect the health and wellbeing of themselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The health and safety of Snapchatters have always been a fundamental priority at Snapchat, continuously finding new and creative ways to support the well-being and mental health of the community. Snapchat continues this mission by offering Snapchatters the opportunity to also wear the Off-White face masks in their Bitmoji Selfies, helping to bridge the gap between how they express themselves in the digital, and real world.

This collaboration is the latest in a series of Snap X Artist partnerships that previously collaborated with artists like Damien Hirst, Christian Marclay, Alex Israel and Harmony Korine, using technology to demonstrate how digital and physical worlds can come together to bring creativity and self-expression to new audiences.

Scan the Snapcode to try out the Off-White AR Masks

1. How to access the Bitmoji x Off-White Face Masks:
2. Open Snapchat
3. Tap on your Profile in the top-left corner
4. Under ‘Bitmoji,’ tap ‘Select Selfie’ to choose an Off-White face mask

On Snap X Artists: 


In the past two + years, Snapchat partnered with several artists who have helped illustrate the magic of how the digital and the physical worlds can come together.

The brand has partnered with those who share a passion for creativity and immersive storytelling. With similar sensibilities and a shared DNA – they are all driven by innovation and seek to create new things every day.


Snap celebrates creativity through technology with these artist collaborations. And in turn, every day, they want to support the Snapchatter community with tools for their own self-expression and creativity.

By approaching these projects with a few principles in mind:


Accessibility: It’s important that the public can see and experience this work. The Cannes Lions and Art Basel exhibits were all open to the public.

Interactivity: Must be engaging and defy expectations.

Reciprocity: Explore relationships where both sides are pushing boundaries. For the artists, they’re exploring new tools and concepts, and for Snap, we’re pushing the limits of our technology to bring their visions to life.

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