Home Beauty Calling all Friends fans: Revolution x Friends is back with another makeup collection

Calling all Friends fans: Revolution x Friends is back with another makeup collection

by Grace Sundram

Over the course of 10 seasons, we followed the daily lives of six friends: Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Phoebe each with their own endearing personalities. And ever since its first broadcast, we can never get enough of them till today.

So here are some good news for Friends and makeup lovers, Revolution Beauty is back with another collection that would feature new eye shadow palettes, face masks, setting sprays and more. For the unfamiliar, this British cosmetics label is adored by many for its affordable cruelty-free, vegan and modern-day products. With the Friends collection blowing up, they decided it’s best to come with a third one and we got to say that is the best collection yet.

Revolution x Friends Forever Flawless I’ll Be There For You Eyeshadow Palette


Look and feel ‘forever flawless’ with this new eyeshadow palette as it comes with 17 matte, shimmer and glitter shades that will be perfect for any occasion. From rust, bronze, and berry tones it is the perfect palette to create a warm smokey eye. To bring you back to the good times, the casing features the exclusive Friends Fountain print which is pretty Instagram worthy as well, if you’d ask us.

Revolution x Friends Forever Flawless We Were On A Break Eyeshadow Palette

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Featuring 18 shades that are more vibrant with popping pastel shades and golden bronze shimmers, this is one palette that should be used before your girls night out. This palette is encased in exclusive Friends door frame packaging which will have you feeling like you are on the real set.

Revolution x Friends Joey/Chandler/Ross Eyeshadow Palette


During the first round of the collection, the three palettes were themed around the girls and so this time, it is focused on our favourite three guys, Joey, Chandler and Ross. Each palette comes in nine different shades and has a more cardboard-feel packaging compared to the former.

Joey’s palette has much more bright, bold shades whereas Chandler’s one is packed with pastels and Ross is all about going for a more nude makeup look.

Revolution x Friends Mini Setting Spray


After you’re done with your look, the most important step to finish it off is with a setting spray. It comes in three representing our favourite girls: Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. The cute mini setting spray contains Hyaluronic and Vitamin C with a citrus scent to make your skin feel refreshed.

Revolution x Friends Sheet Mask


Who knew that the brand would come up with our very own Friends mask? So in case you want to get the glow from Rachel, you should try out this new collection.

  • Rachel Hyaluronic Sheet Mask
  • Monica Niacinamide Sheet Mask
  • Phoebe Pineapple Sheet Mask
  • Chandler Pink Clay Sheet Mask
  • Ross Tea Tree Sheet Mask
  • Joey Salicylic Sheet Mask



Now for the accessories, there’s the cosmetic bag, signature lobster mirror and their very own blending sponge to even out that foundation perfectly on your skin.


You can shop at Revolution Beauty.


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