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As an April Fool’s joke, Subway Malaysia decided to launch 7 Super Fresh Daily Face Wash

by Grace Sundram

Not only are we encouraged to eat healthily but Subway Malaysia intends to keep us fresh with their newly Super Fresh Daily Face Wash. Featuring 7 different variants such as tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, green pepper, cheese and sweet corn — imagine what it’d be like to refresh your skin every day.


Although it may seem like a joke to many of us however there are some Subway fans who were really digging this latest announcement. To one point, one Facebook user even suggested having them sell the face wash in a combo with their favourite cookie-flavoured face mask.

Please sell a combo with your cookie flavoured face mask 😁  — Leena Ganesh

Green pepper face wash… followed by double choc cookie scrub… — Lydia Lye

Whereas others were freaking out about the choice of “ingredients”.

Ok I totally understand cucumber and tomato face wash but…cheese? lettuce? onion face wash? — Nur Izzati Hassan

The onion face wash would smell strange…? — Surfree Axtion

Apparently, Subway Malaysia isn’t the only franchise that went with this quirky little stunt. Subway Hong Kong also went along with it by telling their consumers, “You don’t have to choose between eating fresh and feeling fresh anymore. Extracted from the freshest sub-ingredients, our Face Wash will leave your skin feeling so fresh and so clean!”


However, it turned out to be an April Fool’s prank and the sub sandwich brand advertised its latest Daily Faves promo featuring seven new varieties throughout the week. For only RM9.90 each, you get to enjoy the Italian B.M.T sub on Mondays, Tuna on Tuesdays, Chicken Teriyaki on Wednesdays, Roasted Chicken on Thursdays, their all-new Chicken or Beef Burrito on Fridays, and for the weekends  — Chicken Slice and Steak & Cheese.

Would you have bought the face washes if it was real though? Let us know!

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