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Sneak peek of the first Malaysian Taco Bell outlet in Cyberjaya — food, ambience & more

by Grace Sundram

After much anticipation and hype, Taco Bell, the world’s largest Mexican-inspired American fast-food brand, is officially opening its doors to Malaysians at 10 am on Friday, 2 April 2021. While hints of the brand’s arrival have been floating for over a year, Taco Bell has finally revealed today that the first Malaysia restaurant is set to open at Cyberjaya, a bustling city within Selangor.


This restaurant truly captures Taco Bell’s “Live Más” brand philosophy which translates to “Live More”, as in more fervently and authentically, giving customers a truly unique dining experience accompanied by great food. Recognizing Malaysians’ passionate love for food, Taco Bell Malaysia introduces “Live Kaw Kaw” – a colloquial expression that aims to encourage Malaysians to make every day extraordinary through a truly unique dining experience as eating well is good for the soul.

“We are excited to finally bring this youthful and iconic brand to Malaysia, starting with Cyberjaya, our first Taco Bell outlet. The Mexican-inspired cuisine of Taco Bell is most certainly the best in the world from a restaurant chain. The two-storey restaurant design features Taco Bell’s signature iconic styles throughout the building from the rainbow-coloured Taco ceiling to our indoor sunroom with high glass panels reflects the brand’s youthful Taco Bell spirit,” said Harris Beh, Taco Bell Malaysia’s Franchise Operator.


Taco Bell, started in 1962 by founder Glen Bell in Southern California, quickly became a global powerhouse as it expanded to over 30 countries. The brand is known for making a big splash as it enters each new market, embracing fans new and old and welcoming them into their modern restaurants.


One of the key features of Malaysia’s first Taco Bell restaurant is the centrepiece mural art that is an interpretation of how the spirit of the Malaysian culture and Taco Bell brand perfectly blend – designed in collaboration with local Malaysian artist, Wilson Ng. The initiative is part of the brand’s commitment to supporting the local creative community. All the features in the restaurant combine to create a colourful, fun and photo-worthy space.


Other restaurant features include an open-kitchen theatre where fans can watch their meals being prepared, free high-speed WiFi access throughout the store, multiple stations to charge customer’s mobile and laptop, buzzers to inform customers when their food is ready for pick up, and so much more.

The Taco Bell menu is customizable to fit any customer’s preferences. Guests can taste the bold flavours, best-in-class ingredients, including the taco shell and tortillas, proteins such as seasoned ground beef, seasoned ground chicken, grilled chicken, and crispy chicken.


Vegetarians can switch the protein to black beans for most items on the menu. The brand is also proud to introduce the “Bell Rice Bowl”, featuring their very own Malaysian-made sambal to cater to our Asian palate which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For dessert, the brand recommends their delicious Cinnamon Twists and Chocodilla™.

Taco Bell also offers free refills of soft drinks for all their combo meals. Most importantly, all ingredients in Taco Bell Malaysia are from halal-certified sources.


Taco Bell prepares food fresh on order so fans can enjoy global favourites like the craveable Crunchy Taco Supreme™, Crunchwrap Supreme™, Chicken Quesadilla™, Grilled Stuft Burrito™, Loaded Nachos™ and many more.

Open daily from 10.00 to 23.00 for dine-in and takeaway, the restaurant has a seating capacity of 50, adhering to strict health protocols. Taco Bell is committed to maintaining its stringent global standard health and hygiene procedures, which include implementing a contactless dining experience for their customers and employees. Fans can expect a restaurant with spaced-out seating, frequent sanitization of all contact surfaces, employees equipped with gloves and masks, temperature checks and hand sanitisers for customers.


“Malaysians will absolutely take to Taco Bell – a fantastic Mexican-inspired cuisine that is not only uniquely tasty, scrumptious but also very balanced. The menu is easily customisable to fit anyone’s preferences and lifestyle. We plan to roll out Taco Bell to the urban areas across Malaysia so many more food lovers will be able to enjoy this exciting cuisine. They will have the choice of dining in or ordering take away, whereas delivery will be available in the near future,” said Harris Beh.

Ankush Tuli, Managing Director Asia Pacific Taco Bell, emphasizes the excitement with the Malaysia opening and future expansion plans for the market.


“We are thrilled to bring the Taco Bell brand to Malaysia. There is such a rich food culture here and we are really excited to make Taco Bell a part of it with our crave-able, Mexican-inspired food, youthful and adventurous brand spirit. We are grateful to all our fans here who have been waiting for the brand to open in Malaysia and we are delighted to invite all of them to come and try our signature and iconic food at our first location at Cyberjaya. We look forward to growing the brand to reach more and more fans throughout the country,” said Ankush Tuli.

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