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5 reasons why you should consider getting the Proton X70 for you and your family

by Grace Sundram

Since launching the Proton X70 in December 2018, PROTON has taken the industry by storm. With a suave design, high-quality interior and advanced safety features, it’s little wonder why this SUV achieved a  high volume of sales and received many accolades in 2019. This legacy of quality continues, and the same level of success is currently being repeated with the 2020 X70, which has received an overwhelming response with over 21,944 units sold in 2020.

But let’s be honest, there are so many competitors out there that we ourselves get confused the first thing as to why we want to buy an SUV, so here’s an article about why the Proton X70 is the right SUV made especially for your family.

Built for Malaysians


With distinct design and intelligent features for great value, each and every Proton model is built to complement the diverse lifestyle of Malaysians. If you’re deciding on purchasing a Proton car, perhaps the Proton X70 may seal the deal.

One of the main reasons why Malaysians are opting for SUVs today is the belief that it’s safer to be in an SUV rather than a sedan. And to some extent, there is some truth to that. For one, SUVs are taller than sedans, the increased ride height gives you better ground clearance, so you’ll be seated higher and can see further.

Convenience and comfort


As Malaysians, one of our favourite family activities is to go on a trip together. Sometimes, we tend to buy things along the way and if your hands are full, this is where the Proton X70 offers a solution. Thankfully, in the Premium variants of the Proton X70, you’ll find a power tailgate and foot sensor. Just wave your foot at the sensor located under the rear bumper and the tailgate opens automatically.


On the journey home, everyone is kept comfortable, cool and free from bad odours with the Proton Intelligent Air Purification System (P-IAPS) which combines with the N95 Cabin Filter, which is integrated into the air-conditioner. Front ventilated seats1 for the driver and front passenger offer additional cooling and if the weather is right, the panoramic sunroof3 allows in some fresh air or lets everyone get an amazing view of the world as it passes by.

A quicker SUV


One of the most important things for a family SUV to have enough performance to allow it to keep up with traffic. With a turbocharged 1.8 litre engine, sporting a maximum torque of 300Nm compared to 285Nm in its predecessor, it’s now mated with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) helping acceleration both from standstill and while on the move.

It’s not just power and performance though. The tuning of the engine has been remapped to suit the new 7-DCT transmission and this helps you save fuel. Just how efficient is the Proton X70? Official figures rate it at 7.6L/100km, and an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) certification by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is confirmation that the Proton X70 merely sips fuel.

Best of both (safety) worlds


Your family’s safety will always be your utmost priority, so thankfully, there’s an abundance of safety features available in the Proton X70. These features can be divided into two distinct categories – active and passive. Active safety features, such as the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)2 and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)2 are features that help avoid accidents by turning on automatically when danger is detected, whereas passive safety features, such as six SRS airbags, as well as stability and traction control systems are always turned on to keep you and your family safe. The Proton X70 is so safe, to the point it was awarded a 5-Star ASEAN NCAP Rating.

For the kids


One of the features that allowed the Proton X70 to stand out from the competition is its intelligent connected capabilities. But what does being connected entail for a car? Well, for starters, it’ll likely keep the kids entertained. The entertainment system in the Proton X70 is based around an 8-inch touchscreen monitor that’s called the Global Key User Interface (GKUI).


The system allows you to control multiple things in the SUV, including closing and opening the windows, controlling what’s being played on the radio, stream music and even the ability to navigate around town, using just your voice and the “Hi PROTON!” catchphrase. Just be warned though, your kids may get a little gung-ho with the voice commands, but hey…patience is a virtue. Your child’s safety comes first above all else, and a child car seat is best when protecting them, which can be tethered safely via the ISOFIX mounts located at the rear. The best investments you will ever make for your child.

To sum it up, the Proton X70 is truly an SUV that’s worthy for your family. It’s more than up to the task of keeping you and your family entertained, comfortable and safe, whilst turn heads the very you arrive in the Proton X70.

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