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#KeepingItReal with Lady’s Choice new chicken and tuna spread

by Grace Sundram

Lady’s Choice has recently launched a brand new product range – Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread which comes in two variants, Chicken Spread and Tuna Spread. In addition to being the first of its kind in Malaysia, the Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread and Tuna Spread are made with real ingredients such as real chicken and tuna that are high in nutrition with the goodness of Omega 3.

While motherhood is rewarding, it is also one of the most challenging undertakings in life, especially with society’s expectations of what motherhood looks like. The modern mom is expected to juggle her career, preparing well-balanced meals, doing the house chores and the wellbeing of their children all at the same time. The reality is that motherhood is hard and not enough mothers speak out about it. As such, in conjunction with the launch of the Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread, Lady’s Choice has launched its #KeepingItReal campaign.

The #KeepingItReal campaign aims to engage and resonate with Malaysian moms while showing solidarity by shedding the veil and showing the real and unfiltered side to motherhood. Through a series of Instagram Live Sessions in collaboration with prominent mom personalities, the brand looks to foster real conversations surrounding the realities of motherhood and be there for moms by providing real solutions to alleviate the everyday morning rush with the Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread.

As part of this campaign, Lady’s Choice also engaged marriage and family therapy expert, Charis Wong (Counseling Psychologist) to share her thoughts on the subject and provide moms with valuable insights that can help them throughout this journey.

Start tomorrow’s morning routine the night before especially if you are not a morning person like me. Pick out your clothes, pack or partially pack breakfast and lunch boxes the night before, get all essentials such as water and face masks on the table ready to be grabbed. Train your children to pack their bags and set out their uniforms the night before.

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Incorporate some meaningful morning rituals for yourself and with your children. Mindfulness activities such as praying, meditation, having thoughts of gratitude or just doing some deep breathing exercises are great ways to start the day calm and focused. With your children, saying morning prayers, identifying some daily resolutions or goals, and even enjoying lighthearted conversations during car rides to school are meaningful rituals.

Choose a breakfast that is higher in protein, and lower in unhealthy fats, refined carbs and sugar. Health experts have long advocated the benefits of taking a high protein breakfast, rather than taking a majority of our daily protein during the latter part of the day. Yet, due to our morning rush, there is a tendency to go for convenient breakfast food, that often contains insufficient protein.


For the first instalment of its IG Live series, Lady’s Choice has teamed up with two of Malaysia’s favourite celebrity moms, Amyra Rosli and Diana Danielle, to host the inaugural #KeepingItReal Instagram Live Session on Saturday, 27th March, 8.30 PM where they will discuss their real motherhood journeys and struggles, in addition to sharing tips and solutions on how they cope with the responsibilities of balancing motherhood and their careers.

Moms can now easily get their hands on the Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread and Tuna Spread, available at major hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, priced at RM8.50 for a 220ml bottle, respectively.

Day/Date: Saturday, 27th March
Time: 8.30PM
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