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Quick tips on how to choose the best Vitamin C products and how to store them

by Grace Sundram

We’ve written a variety of articles about Vitamin C, so here’s a summary of how we can select Vitamin C products and store them properly on a daily basis.



So before you make a purchase, make sure you’re picky when it comes to choosing the right Vitamin C beauty brands. The reason for this is that most of these products oxidize quickly and aren’t very stable. If you’re unsure, look at your past purchases; if the product has faded to a yellow-ish colour or white, it isn’t a good and stable product.



When it comes to beginners, there are just too many products and it can seem overwhelming at first. However, one of the most useful ways to tell whether a product is decent and will not oxidize rapidly is if it comes in a tube with a tapered nozzle or a dark bottle with a pump. One of the reasons we think it’s a good choice is that the risk of Vitamin C being oxidized is relatively low.

Powder Form

Aside from regular liquid Vitamin C products, you can also consider searching for products that come in powder form. It may not be the first choice of most beauty lovers, but we can ensure you that it is more stable than the former. The disadvantage of this is that you may have to blend your own doses. It is entirely up to you if you use normal water, oils, moisturizer, or essence though. But if you get confused and it doesn’t turn on right, then it’s best to start with a liquid one.

Also, if you decide to use the powder form, make sure to do a quick test run on your hand before applying it to your face. Just to see if it causes any reactions according to your skin’s sensitivity.

Storing it in a beauty fridge


Last but not least, when it comes to storing Vitamin C products, most of us would be negligent. The manner in which it is stored often plays an important role in preventing it from oxidizing rapidly. Always keep these Vitamin C products in a beauty fridge (if you have one) or on a dark shelf where light cannot penetrate. As a result, it would deter or safeguard the product that has been already opened.


With that said, one of the Vitamin C products available on the market is the Melano CC Vitamin C Essence. It is the most simple addition to your skincare routine that will help you battle dark spots, lighten acne scars, minimize big pores, and even out your skin tone. Those interested can get it at any pharmacies nationwide and it retails at RM59.00.

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