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Check out BenQ ZOWIE’s gaming essentials that will turn you from a rookie to a PRO instantly

by Grace Sundram

If you’re a gamer then you probably would have known that most of the gaming products are marketed to suit the “esports” community. After all, most amateur players do tend to grow and become one of the best esports players out there like Amer al-Barkawi or better known as Miracle. Games such as Counter Strike: Go Offensive and DOTA has made its mark in the industry with plenty of gamers trying to compete in the Major Championships.

At first sight, no gamers would look to BenQ when it comes to buying gaming products however the brand Zowie has changed that. We have been given a single flightcase of the full range of 10 different mouses from the brand, a gaming keyboard, mouse pads, a cable management device as well as an audio system.

A mouse just for you


You see, most people have a hard time to find the perfect mouse without having to experience the not so common mouse arm syndrome. For those who tend to be on their computer for hours, they would certainly experience some discomfort in the hand, arm and shoulder. However with the concept of these Zowie mouses, it helps cater to those with different grip styles and preferences.

Providing us with over 10 mouses to choose from, let’s focus on the shape of it before we dive right in to the models.


There are three different series which are the EC, ZA and FK. The EC series are known for having a design that is ergonomically suitable for most right handers whereas the ZA series features a more ambidextrous high profile design that can be used by anyone. Then there’s also the ambidextrous low profile design that looks pretty much the same as the rest.


To pick the right mouse for you, you would need to make sure that you feel comfortable using it for hours. No matter what motion, it’s important that you grip your mouse firm and tight. And something that most of us tend to do is that we assume that our grip style limits our options.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that our choice of mouses are unlimited and it all depends on the comfort.

Now moving on to the models.

The EC series comes in four models that offer users a bigger room for wrist movements: EC1 -A & B and EC2 – A & B. Differences amongst these mouses is that the A & B have the same size but with slightly different when it comes to the specs.

As for the ZA series, there’s the ZA 11, 12 and 13, — ranging from large, medium to small and lastly the FK series: FK1+, FK1 and FK2. To understand these models better, the BenQ team explained that the size and the number works counter-intuitively whereby the larger the number, the smaller is the size of the mouse.


For the FK and ZA series, all you would have to do is switch the mouse set to left-hand mode if you are left-handed. Simply reconnect the mouse while holding down buttons 1 and 3.

Keyboard made for e-sports players


When it comes to the Celeritas II keyboard, we have to say that it certainly offered a smoother and seamless experience when we used it for a bit. Not only does it make your desk stand out but gamers would appreciate the features that will increase your chances of winning your games. Although it doesn’t come with the fancy RGB lighting, it is still a keyboard that won’t distract you or disrupt your view whenever you’re in a dim room.


However, the keyboard is quite typical in terms of layout and frankly speaking it’s quite unfortunate that the entire casing of the keyboard is UV coated. To put it in layman terms, it’s basically a grease magnet and that is not a pretty sight. Another thing that is worth mentioning as well is that the Celeritas II doesn’t come with a kickstand, meaning it remains in just one angle.

As for the indicator LEDs, there are none in this case unless you enable them. For instance, the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock would turn white if you are using them. Otherwise, it pretty much stays red all the way.

For what its worth, Zowie has still convinced us with the usage of this keyboard and that is the reliability, consistency and quality control.

No more inconveniences


The CAMADE is a cable management device that will hold up any lingering cables around if you need the space. Gamers can simply adjust the cable length in order to make unobstructed movements when needed. It also comes with a unique adjustable spring design whereby users are able to switch from two different comfortable heights.

Ease up with a consistent sound quality


Say goodbye to traditional USB sound cards and say hello to the only audio system that aims allows you to switch between headphones and speakers. The VITAL is definitely an essential thing for gamers to help personalise and simplify the streamline sound card use. With the dual output, users can also enjoy the audio quality as it features a built-in hi-fi chip that delivers all of your media needs in one go.

The surface matters

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We are given two types of mousepads to try which are the TFX and SR. Only difference is that the TFC comes with a solid, smooth surface that uses the fabric similar to a scuba divers outfit whereas the latter has a much lighter and delicate surface like a regular mousepad.

If you’re a gamer and you’re interested to get your hands on these products, then you should check them out via BenQ’s official Lazada store.

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